INCLUSIVE MEDIA -UNDP FELLOWSHIP 2014 (last date 1 August, 2014)


The applications for Inclusive Media – UNDP Fellowships should include a cover letter and the candidate’s CV (strictly within 3 A4 pages) along with the following:

  1. A clearly defined project proposal with clear title (Within 500 words)
  2. A break up of at least 5 story ideas based on the project proposal (within 250 words)
  3. An idea of the geographical region selected for field work, and a rough break-up of travel/ boarding requirements with an approximate expenditure. (within 100 words)

    Please mention the places you want to visit and a rough breakup of what you expect to be your expenditure. The Inclusive Media Fellowships are intended to cover costs of news gathering and reimburse expenditure and not meant to be salary or honorarium. So the actual expenditure receipts would be reimbursed without TDS deduction wherever applicable and within reasonable limits. The CSDS accounts department may make enquiries about actual expenditure.
  4. Two samples of published work (or Radio/TV programmes) in English or Hindi. For electronic stories, please use CD/ DVD and post it to us clearly marked your name and the title of the story with a marker on the CD.
  5. A supporting letter from the editor assuring leave for 2 to 4 weeks and agreeing to use the fellowship output in the publication (Free lancers must procure a supporting letter from the editor of a reputed publication/ channel agreeing to use the fellowship output)
  6. A letter of recommendation about the candidate’s past record, journalistic abilities and suitability for the project from an eminent journalist, editor or supervisor giving an idea of the candidate’s suitability for the Inclusive Media - UNDP Fellowships.


Fellowship Terms and Conditions:

  1. The verdict of the fellowship jury will be final.
  2. All payments will be subject to TDS rules and will be made in at least two tranches.
  3. The fellowship grant will be suspended or withdrawn if the fellow fails to complete the project and publish its outcome. The candidates are strongly advised to read the rules before applying. (Also available on www.im4change.org)
  4. The outcomes of the fellowships will also be put on the website (im4change.org)
  5. The application material and CVs must be submitted before the last date in Microsoft Word format in English and Mangal or Unicode in Hindi along with scanned copies of your clippings to: im4change.csds@gmail.com Application sent via emails will be promptly acknowledged.

Those sending emails please write "Inclusive Media - UNDP Fellowship" in the subject line.

(Candidates applying in Hindi must note that applications sent in fonts other than Mangal/ Unicode would be rejected)

However, if for any reason you cannot send it by email, or if you want to send a hard copy as well as the email, please do so by speed post or courier to the following address: (Please note that entries which arrive after due date, for any reason whatsoever, will not be considered)

Inclusive Media - UNDP Fellowship 2014
Centre for the Study of Developing Societies (CSDS)
29, Rajpur Road
Delhi 110054

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