Centre for Sustainable AgricultureCentre for Sustainable Agriculture

CSA focuses on developing and promoting locally adapted farming systems, sustainable farming practices. Organic Farming, Non Pesticidal Management, Open Source Seeds, Ethno-veterinary practices water conservation etc are practiced to promote ecological and economic sustainability.  CSA is involved in promoting small and medium enterprises which can increase the farmers share in the consumer price and can improve village economy. It works to establish and Strengthen institutions of farmers, producers, and consumers for resource conservation, marketing and realizing rights. CSA is actively involved in studying agrarian crisis and advocating for a policy changes  which promote sustainable agriculture and bring in effective regulations on unsustainable and exploitative practices.  ...

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Watershed Support Services and Activities Network (WASSAN) started in 1995 as an informal network of NGOs to influence the Watershed Development Program of Government being implemented in the drought prone areas for economic improvement of the poor, women and marginalized sections of the rural India. Carving out a creative space for NGOs within the government program, capacity building of various stakeholders, influencing policy and capacitating and empowering the rural community are the main agenda of WASSAN, which was conceived as a network-based organisation. While WASSAN the organisation is at the core, there are several organisations with which WASSAN has varying degrees of partnership. ...

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Gene CampaignGene Campaign

Gene Campaign turned twenty in 2013. Starting in 1993 as a leading research and advocacy organization, GC dedicated itself to the conservation of genetic resources and indigenous knowledge. The campaign has encouraged self reliance and worked towards ensuring livelihood security for rural and tribal communities. Closely involved in policymaking and legislation with respect to biological resources, GC has enabled rural and adivasi communities to participate in policies relating to these resources. GC is dedicated to protecting the genetic resources of the Global South and the rights of the farmers of these regions. Agro-biodiversity has been Gene Campaign’s main focus area. Apart from conservation, the campaign has continuously been working on making agriculture sustainable and climate resilient thus helping farm families better stabilize their food production. GC has been largely responsible for raising the national debate on the dangers of seed patents and its threat to food security and sovereignty....

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National Foundation of India (NFI)National Foundation of India (NFI)

The National Foundation for India is an independent, Indian grant-making and fundraising body, helping people improve their own lives. We make a difference by supporting partners who look for solutions to complex problems in poor, remote and challenging parts of the country. NFI believes that India can develop meaningfully only when social equity and justice are guaranteed and a sense of respect for our fellow humans is achieved. NFI uses two instruments – development action and development communication – to work across seven thematic areas. These include: Community Health, Elementary Education, Local Governance, Livelihood Security; Peace & Justice, Citizens and Society, Development Journalism. The aim is to create lasting change by building healthy communities and promoting sustainable development....

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Satark Nagrik Sangathan (SNS)Satark Nagrik Sangathan (SNS)

It is a citizens’ group working to promote transparency and accountability in government functioning and to encourage active participation of citizens in governance in India. SNS is an independent non-governmental organization and is not affiliated to, or supported by, any political party. It is registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 as Society for Citizens’ Vigilance Initiative. SNS has pioneered the effort of using the RTI Act for political accountability to make elected representatives more responsive and accountable. Using the RTI Act, SNS has been accessing information on the roles and performance of elected representatives and disseminating this information in the form of Report Cards of individual elected representatives....

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