'A silent green revolution is still on in the country' -TV Jayan

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Silencing the critics of Indian green revolution, who have been arguing that its achievements were short-lived and that a fatigue had set in a long ago, a senior Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) official on Friday said there is ample proof to show that the country is still going through a green revolution which is rather a silent one.

The productivity gains of Indian agriculture in the post-Green Revolution (GR) era have been fantastic and they are even seen even in rain-fed crop areas such as Rajasthan," said Yadav from ICAR's Central Arid Zone Research Institute (ICAR-CAZRI), Jodhpur. While addressing a plenary section at the 106th Indian Science Congress here, Yadav talked about an interesting analysis carried out by him and other ICAR scientists.

"We divided the period between 1950 and 2018 into four equal phases of 17 years each and analysed annual productivity gains achieved by four major crops -- rice, wheat, maize and pearl millet -- during each of these periods," he said.

"While wheat productivity increased by 12 kg per hectare (kg/ha) in each year before the pre-GR era between 1950-1966, during the GR period it rose to 41 kg/ha annually. During the next era (1984-2001) it was 30 per cent more than the GR era, it came slightly to 36 kg/ha in the subsequent phase, which is still good," Yadav said. In the case of rice, in the first phase the annual productivity gain was mere 16 kg/ha, which went up to 19 kg/ha during the GR era. But in the next two phases the productivity gains were 32 and 42 kg/ha.

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The Hindu Business Line, 4 January, 2019, https://www.thehindubusinessline.com/economy/agri-business/a-silent-green-revolution-is-still-on-in-the-country/article25910388.ece

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