'Government isn't able to provide even small jobs': Unemployment, anger in Jaipur's informal sector -Madhav Sharma


Effects of demonetisation and GST continue to be felt across the country on the eve of the elections

At three grimy market squares in India’s pink city of sandstone palaces, the fates of a former farming couple, a former factory owner, and a graduate illustrated how difficult it now is to find even a job of hard labour, as a general election looms in a country witnessing record unemployment.

It had been eight days since Shanti Devi, 30, and her husband Babulal Saini, 33, had found work. Draped in a bright, red saree, Devi sat on the pavement. Nearby, Saini, dressed in a checked shirt and gray pants stained with paint, was in animated discussion with some of the 300 gathered labourers.

Here at the Thadi market choukdi or square – one of 35 where workers in search of daily jobs gather in Rajasthan’s capital – everyone was distressed about the lack of employment.

Devi and her husband have worked at construction sites for daily wages since they moved to Rajasthan’s capital eight years ago from their village of Rajor in Karauli district, 150 km east, where they had a “small farm”, which they sold because they could not pay back a loan of Rs 5 lakh.

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Scroll.in, 12 March, 2019, https://scroll.in/article/916137/government-isnt-able-to-provide-even-small-jobs-unemployment-anger-in-jaipurs-informal-sector?fbclid=IwAR380wNHCadjoXSMIkDCD_ggU37zAuNQa_80m

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