33% of MPs, MLAs who will vote for India's next president have criminal cases against them: Survey


The study conducted by the Association for Democratic Reforms found that only 9% of the electoral college is represented by women.

Around 33% of the electoral college that will vote in the July 17 presidential polls, 33% have declared criminal cases against themselves. These were declared in affidavits filed with the Election Commission of India before their most recent elections, according to a survey released by the Association for Democratic Reforms on Friday, the Hindustan Times reported.

Of the 776 MPs and 4,120 MLAs who will vote on Monday, ADR analysed the affidavits submitted by 774 MPs and 4,078 legislators, which make up 10,91,472 votes of the total 10,98,903 that will be cast.

Women’s representation

The ADR study found that only 9% of the 4,896 MPs and MLAs who make up the electoral college are women. This means only a little over lakh of the 10.9 lakh votes that will be cast in the presidential polls will be by women. The electoral college has only 451 female representatives.

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Scroll.in, 15 July, 2017, https://scroll.in/latest/843900/33-of-mps-mlas-who-will-vote-for-indias-next-president-have-criminal-cases-against-them-survey

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