43% of migrant women want to quit Delhi: Study -Smriti Singh

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published Published on Mar 13, 2014   modified Modified on Mar 13, 2014
-The Times of India

NEW DELHI: Delhi no longer seems to be a preferred place of work for women who have from other parts of the country. A survey has found that as many as 43% of them are looking for jobs outside the city, even if it means a cut in salary, primarily because of Delhi's unsafe environment.

These shocking facts were revealed in a survey conducted by the PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry among the city's women, including working women, students and job aspirants. Almost all working women surveyed said their jobs were getting affected because of unsafe Delhi, particularly after the Nirbhaya assault.

Of the 3,400 city women surveyed, 60% had come from other parts of the country. "In the light of the recent incidents which took place in Delhi, around 43% of the outside working women respondents unanimously felt that they are looking for a job out of Delhi... preferably in cities close to their native towns. They are ready to compromise on their earnings for the safety," the survey report said.

The survey also found that women are more inclined to work in day shifts with nearly 80% opting for day jobs and only 4% working in nights shifts. Around 64% of working women said that crimes against women had impacted their productivity as they now hesitate stay in their workplaces till late hours.

While 65% of those surveyed were found to be dependent on public transport, all respondents demanded safer commutes for women. Many respondents said the operational hours of the Delhi Metro should be increased as they believe it to be the safest mode of public transport.

The respondents also asked for a better law and order. "Traffic police can inculcate safety culture through regular road safety audits, identification of unsafe and incident prone zones. Delhi Police should be proactive in taking immediate action in emergencies in order to check anti social elements," a respondent said.

A large share of respondents said fast track courts were important to address women's problems.

"As per the survey, lack of sufficient and well-functioning public services such as street lights, public toilets have also exposed women to unsafe environment in Delhi as many parts of the city have inadequate public services," it said.

The Times of India, 13 March, 2014, http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/delhi/43-of-migrant-women-want-to-quit-Delhi-Study/articleshow/31911225.cms

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