Aadhaar and Food Security in Jharkhand: Pain without Gain? -Jean Dreze, Nazar Khalid, Reetika Khera and Anmol Somanchi

-Economic and Political Weekly

Aadhaar-based biometric authentication is now compulsory for most users of the public distribution system in Jharkhand. Based on a recent household survey, this paper examines various issues related to this measure, including exclusion problems, transaction costs, and its impact on corruption. The findings raise serious questions about the appropriateness of this technology for rural Jharkhand.

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Economic and Political Weekly, Vol. 52, Issue No. 50, 16 December, 2017, http://www.epw.in/journal/2017/50/special-articles/aadhaar-and-food-security-jharkhand.html

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