Are 57% 'doctors' quacks? Govt says no, then yes -Rema Nagarajan

-The Times of India

Are a majority of those practising allopathy in India quacks? The government said no, it now says yes. A 2016 WHO report on the health workforce in India had shocked everybody by stating that 57.3% of those practising allopathic medicine did not have any medical qualification. Then Union health minister JP Nadda had rubbished the report as “erroneous” in January 2018 while responding to a question in the Lok Sabha. But the data has now gained official approval, with the same health ministry using it to argue the case for allowing community health practitioners (CHPs) in the National Medical Commission Act just notified.

The FAQ on the Bill (as it then was) issued by PIB on August 6 said 57.3% of personnel currently practising allopathic medicine do not have any medical qualification. According to the WHO report based on the 2001 Census, barely 20% of those who practised medicine in rural India had any medical qualification. It also estimated that 31% of those who claimed to be allopathic practitioners were educated only up to Class 12.

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The Times of India, 9 August, 2019,

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