By 2022, more obese kids than malnourished ones -Malathy Iyer

-The Times of India

MUMBAI: In another five years, the number of obese children in the world will outnumber the malnourished ones.

A report by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and Imperial College London, published in medical journal 'The Lancet', stated on Wednesday that obesity rates among the world's children and adolescents increased from less than 1% in 1975 to nearly 6% in girls and nearly 8% in boys in 2016.

India, however, features as the only undernourished zone in this global childhood obesity map. In 2016, the country was still home to 97 million of the world's moderately or severely underweight children and adolescents.

"India had the highest prevalence of moderately and severely underweight under-19s throughout these four decades (24.4% of girls and 39.3% of boys were moderately or severely underweight in 1975, and 22.7% and 30.7% in 2016),'' said the report.

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The Times of India, 12 October, 2017,

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