Delhi govt plans to set up hostels for daily wagers -Atul Mathur

-The Times of India

NEW DELHI: Thinking beyond “rain basera”, the ordinary shelters for the homeless, Delhi government is now working on a proposal to set up working men’s hostels.

Though at a conceptual stage, the hostels would provide dedicated beds to the working class in a dormitory with the provision of a community kitchen and recreational activities at a monthly rent of up to Rs 1,000, said sources.

The hostels would be ideal for migrants who come to Delhi alone to look for employment, work as daily wagers at construction sites, freight markets or transport hubs and barely earn the minimum wages.

A survey by Indo-Global Social Service Society (IGSSS) shows that half of the city’s homeless are involved in such causal work. After long hours of manual labour, loading and unloading goods or pulling carts or rickshaws, these men either take refuge in government shelters or sleep under flyovers or on pavements close to their workplace.

“Even though such labourers earn a meagre amount, they won’t mind paying a reasonable fee towards lodging and food if they get a place to save them from Delhi’s harsh weather. The government may consider the proposal in the next financial year and could even keep a provision to develop such hostels in the upcoming budget,” said a source.

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The Times of India, 12 February, 2019,

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