Economist Jean Dreze: Article 370 helped reducing poverty in Jammu and Kashmir -Vishwadeepak

-National Herald

Figures prove due to special status, J&K outscored Gujarat on selected indicators. As per Dreze it is an illusion that removing Article 370 will bring development in the Valley

Life expectancy at birth is higher in Jammu and Kashmir which is depicted as a terrorist-state by media as compared to Gujarat which is projected as a model state in India; percentage of the rural population living below the poverty line in Jammu and Kashmir is less than Gujarat, also the percentage of the immunised children living in Jammu and Kashmir is higher than Gujarat.

Based on official figures, these findings were brought to notice by Dreze, who on Wednesday along with hundreds of social-political activists and students protested against the decision to abrogate Article-370.

Contrary to the narrative propagated by the ruling party and mainstream media, Dreze believes that Article – 370 of the Constitution which grants special status to Jammu and Kashmir has in fact helped the state in reducing poverty. As a result, Jammu and Kashmir has performed better than Gujarat in many socio-economic indicators.

Speaking to NH, the Belgian-born Indian economist said, “There were radical land reforms in Kashmir in 1950s and those land reforms were made possible due to Article-370.”

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National Herald, 9 August, 2019,

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