Elections 2019: Tears of Onion Farmers to Affect BJP Bastion in North Maharashtra -Amey Tirodkar


Northern Maharashtra, which produces almost 60% of India’s total onion crop, has seen a steady fall in onion rates creating a crisis for the farmers in the drought affected state.

Two months back, NewsClick reported the suicide of a 22-year-old boy whose onion crop had failed. This Akshay Tambe was from Bhoom tehsil of Marathwada, an area which is actually not known for onion cultivation. But the heart wrenching stories of farmers from the onion belt have not stopped even today.

In February this year, another farmer had made national news when he had sent a money order to the Prime Minister’s Office’s relief fund. Sanjay Sathe from Niphad tehsil of Nasik district in North Maharashtra had sent the money order to the PMO as a protest after he had got only Rs 1054 for 750 kg onions.

These two examples of this year are enough to tell us the story of the onion farmers of Maharashtra, especially in the North Maharashtra region. “Whenever there is a good crop, the market goes down. Traders buy onions at almost negligible price. Later they come out with higher price in market when in need. Ultimately, we are suffering,” said Dadasaheb More, a farmer from Niphad. He sold 6 quintal onion at Rs 300 per quintal. “State government has announced Rs 200 per quintal as arrears. It is yet to reach the farmers. But what difference would that Rs 200 make? The price should have been minimum Rs 1,000 this year,” he said.

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Newsclick.in, 26 April, 2019, https://www.newsclick.in/maharashtra-onion-farmers-crisis-affect-BJP-elections-2019?fbclid=IwAR29EHPIziYbCdony-HL0IDzBCnxtdqrcvKTf7KmAZgLhqAkfdofAugQvJ0

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