Farmhands turn political workers in crucial season -Rajulapudi Srinivas

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published Published on Apr 8, 2019   modified Modified on Apr 8, 2019
-The Hindu

Daily wagers are taking part in rallies for Rs. 1,000 a day and a meal

VIJAYAWADA (Andhra Pradesh):
Farmers are running short of hands during the crucial rabi sowing season, with thousands of daily wagers opting to work in election campaigns instead. Politicians are paying the agricultural labourers ?1,000 per day for being part of an election rally, apart from a meal and snacks. The job entails being a part of the rally from start to finish, while waving the party flag and raising party slogans.

How it works

Women labourers are in higher demand, and command up to Rs.1,200 per day.

There is usually a person acting as a mediator, who arranges for a large number of people to take part in the rally. The mediator gathers the participants, arranges for their transportation and food, and pays them at the end of the day. In turn, the mediator is paid for his services by the politician. However, the mediator makes money hand over first. He usually collects a small commission from the labourers too.

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The Hindu, 8 April, 2019,

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