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The Union health minister had posted decision on Facebook during a similar outbreak five years ago

Two decisions announced by Union health minister Harsh Vardhan this week to help encephalitis-hit Muzaffarpur are identical to promises he had posted on Facebook during a similar outbreak five years ago.

The health ministry said on Monday that Harsh Vardhan had instructed that a 100-bed paediatric intensive care unit be set up at the Sri Krishna Medical College Hospital, Muzaffarpur, where around 100 children have died of encephalitis, or brain inflammation.

Harsh Vardhan, who had visited Muzaffarpur last week, had also said five virology laboratories would be established in different districts of Bihar in consultation with the state, and that the Centre would support 10-bed paediatric ICUs in adjoining districts.

A message purportedly posted by Harsh Vardhan on Facebook on June 24, 2014, when Muzaffarpur was in the grip of a similar encephalitis outbreak, had announced the same decisions. He was then also the Union health minister in the newly elected Narendra Modi government.

“A 100-bed paediatric ICU would be set up at SK Medical College Hospital. In the adjoining districts, 10-bed paediatric ICUs would be set up. I also announced setting up of five virological diagnostic laboratories in the state at Gaya, Bhagalpur, Bettiah, Pavapuri, and Nalanda,” the Facebook post read.

The content of the two sets of decisions five years apart triggered comments about unkept promises from the Congress. “The same minister, Shri Harsh Vardhan, the same reasons, the same promises, no work,” Congress spokesperson Randeep Surjewala tweeted.

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The Telegraph, 19 June, 2019,

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