Forest land the size of Kolkata diverted for projects over past three years -Mayank Aggarwal

* In three years, India’s environment ministry approved diversion of over 20,000 hectares of forest land for developmental projects like mining, thermal power plants, irrigation, road and railway projects across India.
* Telangana, Madhya Pradesh and Odisha together account for over 62 percent of the total forest land diverted during this period.
* Diversion of forests for non-forestry projects has always been a contentious issue in India especially in light of poor monitoring of conditions on which environment ministry clears the diversion.

The Indian government has diverted over 20,000 hectares of forest area for developmental activities such as mining, thermal power plants, dams, road, railways and irrigation projects in the past three years (2015-18) across India.

According to the official data revealed by the National Democratic Alliance government in Parliament in December 2018, a total of 20,314.12 hectares of forest land was diverted in three years 2015-2018 (till December 13, 2018). During this period, the ministry had received a total of 4,552 proposals and of those 1,280 (28.11 percent) got approved.

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