Haryana police brutally tortured nearly 50% of jail inmates, finds survey -Gaurav Vivek Bhatnagar


Women, the report has found, would be molested and threatened with rape by male personnel.

Trigger warning: The article contains graphic descriptions of physical and sexual torture which might be triggering to survivors.

Electric shocks, bricks hung from private parts, threatened with rape, sexually assaulted, hung naked, hung upside down — these are some of the methods that Haryana Police has been undertaking in dealing with prisoners, both men and women, a study has revealed.

The report, Inside Haryana Prisons, by Sabika Abbas and Madhurima Dhanuka of Commonwealth Human Rights Initiatives, was prepared following a study commissioned by the Haryana State Legal Services Authority.

It is based on interviews of 475 inmates in 19 prisons across the state. Intended to shed light on the conditions of jails in the state, it has revealed that a large number of inmates suffered shocking and inhuman cruelty in the hands of the police soon after they were arrested.

The study discovered that 227 or over 47% of all the inmates interviewed were subjected to “degrading and inhuman treatment, including torture, during police remand.”

The study was, notably, released by three Supreme Court judges, the chief minister of Haryana and the Chief Justice of the Punjab and Haryana high court in the presence of a large number of judicial, jail and police officers.

Role of Haryana Police CIA

The report noted that the Criminal Investigation Agency (CIA) of Haryana Police was responsible for most of these incidents of torture. “The CIA has been infamous for using force to extract or coerce information from arrested persons or also illegally detaining people. A CIA unit is present in each district of the state,” the report said.

The study added that a book by sociologist A.R. Desai, Violation of Democratic Rights in India, pointed to how “torture has been institutionalised in Haryana in the form of CIA and that CIA men excel in interrogation and not investigation.”

The report revealed how many inmates sustained serious internal injuries because of the torture.

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TheWire.in, 25 August, 2019, https://thewire.in/rights/haryana-police-inhumanely-tortured-nearly-50-of-jail-inmates-finds-survey

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