India's workforce is masculinizing rapidly -Rukmini S

Fewer women are working now, and those who are work long hours for low pay, data from India’s latest official employment survey show

Just nine countries around the world, including Syria and Iraq, now have a fewer proportion of working women than India, new official data confirms. And if Bihar were a country, it would have the lowest share of working women in the world. Among urban women who do work, domestic cleaning work is the second most common profession after textile-related jobs, the periodic labour force survey (PLFS) data published by the NSSO show.

India’s female Labour Force Participation Rate (LFPR)—the share of working-age women who report either being employed, or being available for work—has fallen to a historic low of 23.3% in 2017-18, meaning that over three out of four women over the age of 15 in India are neither working nor seeking work. (The age of 15 is the cut-off used for global comparisons by the International Labour Organization.) This would imply that they are most likely running the house and taking care of children.

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