Malnutrition: 15 hospitals in Ghaziabad to treat kids without cost -Aditya Dev

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published Published on Sep 15, 2019   modified Modified on Sep 15, 2019
-The Times of India

GHAZIABAD: As many as 15 private hospitals in the Ghaziabad district of UP have agreed to provide free treatment and food to 2,425 children suffering from acute malnutrition, officials said.

The administration has set a target to pull out the children from acute malnutrition (red category) by September 30. A private hospital has already agreed to work. Now, 14 more hospitals have been roped in.

Gaurav Pandey, spokesperson, Yashoda Hospital, Kaushambi, said: “Our hospital has decided to provide medical assistance to 500 kids. We are with the administration and will provide services free of cost.”

Under the initiative, children below two years and suffering from acute malnutrition would be given free treatment and food by the hospitals.
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The Times of India, 14 September, 2019,

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