Mamata Banerjee asks Bengal departments not to share data with Centre -Madhuparna Das

-The Economic Times

KOLKATA: In a first such move, West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee instructed state government officials to stop sharing data with the central government. In an administrative meeting in South 24 Paragana district on Thursday, Banerjee said that the state departments would have its own portals and store data on its own.

She said that the NDA government accesses all data of the state government and uses those to send ‘political messages’ to some sections. Following Banerjee’s instruction, Bengal government has already started working on a dashboard that would act like a common platform for state departments to store government data, said a senior official.

“From now onwards, we should have our own portals. And we will stop sharing data with Centre. In the name of data collection, through portals, they are trying to control many things. There are few concurrent subjects and they use that. They are directly interfering in the federal structure and it is not proper. This never happened in the country,”

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The Economic Times, 29 December, 2018,

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