No Correct System of Collecting Job Data, Says PM After Report Showed 45-Year Unemployment High

Citing data from provident fund and National Pension System (NPS), Income Tax filings and sale of vehicles among others, the Prime Minister said crores of jobs had been created in the last four and half year.

New Delhi:
Facing criticism over lack of job creation by his government, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday rejected allegations of rising unemployment and said crores of new jobs have been created in formal and unorganised sectors in the last four and half years.

Jobs have been created both in informal and formal sectors, he said in Lok Sabha, citing data from provident fund and National Pension System (NPS), Income Tax filings and sale of vehicles among others.

His defence came amid allegations of jobless growth, which has been highlighted by a leaked NSSO (National Sample Survey Office) report, which pegged unemployment at a 45-year-high of 6.1 per cent in 2017-18, but has not been released since December. Two members of the National Statistics Commission had resigned over it, alleging that the government had suppressed it.

Replying to the debate on Motion of Thanks to the President's address to Parliament, Modi rejected the findings of the leaked report and said informal sector accounts for 85-90 per cent while the formal sector provides only 10-15 per cent employment in the country.

The Prime Minister said in 15 months till November 2018, 1.8 crore people got enrolled in the Employees Provident Fund for the first time. Of these 64 per cent were below 28 years of age.

As many as 65 lakh employees were part of NPS system in 2014 which has increased to 1.2 crore by October 2018. About 6.35 lakh new professionals have filed income tax returns in the last four year. "Isn't this indication of job creation," the PM quipped on the repeated barbs of opposition leaders on employment situation in the country.

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