Salt-roti meal expose: MDM audit to be held after 2 years -Vinod Khanal

-The Times of India

LUCKNOW: With the salt-and-roti expose in Mirzapur embroiling the mid-day meal scheme in controversy, the government will conduct a quality audit of food served to children. This will be conducted by external agencies, including Govind Ballabh Pant Social Science Institute, Lucknow University and Indian Institute of Management-Lucknow.

A similar audit in 2016 by Giri Institute of Development Studies (GIDS), Lucknow, focused only on two districts. This time, the sample size has been raised and schools in 20 villages in each of the 75 districts will be taken into account.

Till now, principals would inform government authorities on distribution of meal on phone.

Director, UP Mid-day Meal Authority, Vijay Kiran Anand, said, "Now, we have roped in institutes and universities for a feedback on meals served to children and this will swiftly redress complaints of mismanagement."

Talks are underway with these institutes to hammer out modalities. Apart from nutrient value in food, the audit will find whether meals helped in raising enrolment and reducing dropout rate. The audit team will also check whether mid-day meal scheme has blurred caste and religion barriers among children, said officials.

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The Times of India, 7 September, 2019,

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