Several more SSC jobs disappear under Modi 2.0 -Ashlin Mathew

-National Herald

There are fewer jobs in the market. Several people are crying hoarse about the reducing jobs in the government. But the government has been cutting it down even further.

National Herald had reported earlier that the government was under-reporting several vacancies. Now it has come to light that several more existing vacancies are being under-reported by the Staff Selection Commission.

In the latest RTI responses, it has come to light that the Central Excise department has under-reported more than 300 vacancies. On the website it was shown that, there were 54 vacancies in the Bhopal zone, but it has been revealed that there are more than 321 vacancies. In the Kolkata zone, SSC states that there have been no vacancies, however, the RTI response shows that there are 62 vacancies.

For the post of Preventive Officer and Examiner, again in the Central Excise department, SSC states that in the Chennai zone there are no vacancies, however it has been seen that there are 47 vacancies in the former and 46 vacancies for the latter post.

In another instance, the department itself has been indifferent in reporting the vacancies. There were 3,082 vacancies for auditors in the controller for defence accounts department for direct recruitment through SSC, but the departments have not forwarded the vacancies for both 2017 and 2018.

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National Herald, 16 June, 2019,

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