UP, Bihar, 'Migrants' Flee Gujarat in Wave of Violence, Alpesh Thakor's Sena Involved


AHMEDABAD: A little girl was raped by a man from Bihar last week. He was arrested. But rumours since sparked off large scale violence against Hindi speaking workers from Uttar Pradesh , Madhya Pradesh and Bihar across Gujarat, leading to a mass exodus.Thousands are reported to have fled the state over the past couple of days.

The police claimed to have arrested at least 180 persons but not before mobs attacked ‘migrant’ clusters, burnt their small shops, beat up the men, and threatened them with death if they did not leave the state. Mbs prowled the streets, stopping ‘outsiders’ and verifying their antecedents. The bad words were UP, Bihar, with their meagre dwellings burnt or ransacked, and their thela’s selling food or vegetables set on fire.

Gujarat, like most other states, is dependent on labour from UP and Bihar with the poorest of poor from these states travelling long distances for a living. The violence has relied on fringe sentiments centering around ‘Gujarat for Gujarati’s’ with local leaders and political parties campaigning for employment of ‘local’ youths in preference to ‘migrants.’

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TheCitizen.in, 7 October, 2018, https://www.thecitizen.in/index.php/en/NewsDetail/index/2/15191/UP-Bihar-Migrants-Flee-Gujarat-in-Wave-of-Violence-Alpesh-Thakors-Sena-Involved

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