Why an MP is batting for your right to refuse calls post-office hours

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The Right to Disconnect Bill, 2018: NCP MP Supriya Sule has tabled a Private Members' Bill in the Lok Sabha to secure the 'right to disconnect' or refuse to reply to any call or e-mail beyond work hours or on holidays.

In a bid to achieve work-life balance, Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) MP Supriya Sule Tuesday tabled a Private Members’ Bill in Lok Sabha to secure the ‘right to disconnect’, or refuse to reply to a call or e-mail beyond work hours or on holidays.

Sule cited numerous studies that show that employees are faced with a “significant risk of erosion of boundaries between profession and personal life” due to digital communication (read: the ability to work from any location). She said employees are increasingly faced with “telepressure” — the constant urge to check your phone and respond to calls and e-mails. She referred to a study which said “info-obesity” leads to stress, burnout and sleeplessness.

The Bill, introduced in the Lok Sabha on the last day of the winter session, is likely to lapse as it is the last sitting before the general elections.

What is the Right to Disconnect Bill, 2018?

The Bill is to “establish an Employees’ Welfare Authority to confer the right on every employee to disconnect from work-related telephone calls and emails beyond work hours and on holidays and right to refuse to answer calls and emails outside work hours and for all matters connected therewith or incidental thereto.”

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The Indian Express, 9 January, 2019, https://indianexpress.com/article/india/why-an-mp-is-batting-for-your-right-to-refuse-calls-post-office-hours/

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