Video VolunteersVideo Volunteers

 Video Volunteers identifies, trains and empowers grassroots media producers who create change in and for voiceless communities in the developing world. With more than 170 community producers working full-time with salaries, VV is one of the largest social change media networks in the world. Our network is spread across 103 districts in 18 States in India. More than 3000 videos on topics like child marriage, temple prostitution, insurgent conflict, atrocities against Dalits and peace between Hindus and Muslims have been produced, and have been seen by more than 300,000 people in live outdoor screenings in slums and villages. Every day people are watching new videos online, and countless more have seen our work on television channels in India.  The impact has been providing information to people, developing local leaders, getting people and government to take action, reducing corruption, enabling the poor to advocate for themselves and giving an income to people...

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Samata started working in a small tribal hamlet in 1987 with a group of tribal and rural youth, to mobilize tribal communities against exploitation by outsiders and by government. Samata was formally registered as a non government organization in 1990. Samata operates across a broad spectrum of action, from organizing grassroots campaigns in the communities of north coastal Andhra Pradesh to creating international support networks of human rights and indigenous people’s groups. For effective engagement of the problems and issues at hand, Samata has taken a holistic approach to creating change by focusing on four levels of action: the community level, the state level, the national level, and the international level. While Samata’s ultimate goal focuses on real empowerment and positive changes for those who suffer injustices on the ground, it seeks to leverage support from all possible sources and collaborations to create this change. ...

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CGNet SwaraCGNet Swara

CGNet Swara was launched as part of the Knight International Journalism Fellowships, a program of the International Center for Journalists. CGNet Swara is a voice-based portal, freely accessible via mobile phone, that allows anyone to report and listen to stories of local interest. Reported stories are moderated by journalists and become available for playback online as well as over the phone (+91 8050068000). ...

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Right to Food CampaignRight to Food Campaign

The Right to Food Campaign is an informal network of organisations and individuals committed to the realisation of the right to food in India. It considers that everyone has a fundamental right to be free from hunger and undernutrition. Realising this right requires not only equitable and sustainable food systems, but also entitlements relating to livelihood security such as the right to work, land reform and social security. The Right to Food Campaign considers that the primary responsibility for guaranteeing these entitlements rests with the state. Lack of financial resources cannot be accepted as an excuse for abdicating this responsibility. In the present context, where people's basic needs are not a political priority, state intervention itself depends on effective popular organisation. The campaign is committed to fostering this process through all democratic means. ...

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CSDS - Centre for the Study of Developing SocietiesCSDS - Centre for the Study of Developing Societies

The Centre for the Study of Developing Societies, also called the CSDS or informally, just the Centre, is a premier institute of India in the social sciences and humanities. The Centre provides a unique institutional space which seeks to nurture intellectual interests outside the entrenched boundaries of academic disciplines. This simultaneously gives the Centre a sense of intimacy with and distance from universities. Therefore, the Centre has deliberately chosen not to duplicate the structure of university department. This also allows the Centre to support and nurture interdisciplinary modes of enquiry. Over the years, the Centre has also managed to generate and utilize a productive tension between rigorous scholarly work and social movements, between academic commitment and political practices. It has been frequently engaged with contentious contemporary issues which have shaped its academic programme and contributed to struggles for dignity, livelihood and creative self expression. At the same time the CSDS...

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