Pollution makes Delhi smog worse every year: CSE -Darpan Singh

-The Hindustan Times

Don’t dismiss the continuing smog as a mere weather phenomenon, the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) warned in its latest report released on Tuesday. The CSE made light of the Delhi government’s attribution of the smog to the approaching winter and pointed out the real reason —manifold increase in pollution levels. It warned that whenever the smog lifts it will come back with renewed vigour, as the factors responsible continue to persist.

“Every winter, the Capital faces smog, but this year, it’s particularly severe because of rising pollutions,” she said. “Other countries have prevented such severe pollution episodes through aggressive measures. Why can’t Delhi do the same?” said Anumita Roychowdhury, who is in-charge of the air pollution and transportation programme at CSE.

According to the CSE report, Delhi has exhausted all its soft options. It has also lost the air quality gains accrued through the conversion of vehicles from diesel to CNG.

“Against 550-odd new personal vehicles a day, Delhi adds 1,100 now. The market share of diesel cars is 60%...The next steps need to combat not only the rising pollution but also the high mixture of pollutants,” said Roychowdhury.

The Hindustan Times, 8 November, 2012, http://www.hindustantimes.com/India-news/NewDelhi/Pollution-makes-Delhi-smog-worse-every-year-CSE/Article1-956452.aspx

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