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Public Health

sure, high blood sugar, high cholesterol, and overweight, which mainly contribute to ischaemic heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. The contribution of this group of risks increased massively to a quaRTEr of the total disease burden in India in 2016 $# • The Out-of-Pocket Expenditure (OOPE) on health by households is Rs. 3,02,425 crores (62.6 percent of total health expenditure, 2.4 percent of GDP, Rs. 2,394 per capita) for the year 2014-15. P

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om its provisions completed 8 years of compulsory schooling in 2018. Nationally, substantial improvements are visible over this 8-year period in the availability of many school facilities mandated by RTE. The fraction of schools with usable girls' toilets doubled, reaching 66.4 percent in 2018, says the ASER 2018. The proportion of schools with boundary walls increased by 13.4 percentage points, standing at 64.4 percent in 2018. The percentage of scho

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Disaster & Relief

.28 crore in six projects of five states were not utilised and remained parked for the period ranging between 15 months to more than 60 months. Funds amounting to Rs. 36.57 crore in 3 states were diveRTEd by the implementing agencies for works not approved in the Detailed Project Reports. • An expenditure amounting to Rs. 18.12 crore incurred in the previous financial year before its approval by Empowered Committee was included in the cost of

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Social Audit

entralization since 1992-93. Structures for accountability are the weakest in panchayats and municipal bodies who are implementing anti-poverty programmes and providing basic social services. Half-heaRTEd devolution of powers by most state governments continues to stymie their effectiveness. Planning by district planning committees as envisaged in the constitutional amendments has hardly been operationalized. At the sub-district level of taluk and gra

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Access to Justice

f undertrials are from these communities, which make up 39% share of the population of India. 29% of undertrials are not formally literate, while 42% had not completed secondary education. A quaRTEr of all undertrials have been in prison for more than a year # • There were 69446 pending matters as on 30/06/2013 before the Supreme Court of India & • The National Mission for Justice Delivery and Legal Reforms has un

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General Insecurity

cent of the total medically certified deaths. •    Under the fourth leading group “Diseases of Respiratory System”, Pneumonia, caused 25.1 out of every hundred repoRTEd deaths, followed by Asthma causing around 11 deaths. Pneumonia alone accounts for 2.1 per cent of the total medically certified deaths. The share of medically certified deaths due to Diseases of Respiratory System has varied in the range of 7.0 per c

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HDI Overview

• Nearly, 73 percent Indians have trust in national government, whereas the figure for Pakistan is 43 percent and Sri Lanka is 77 percent during 2014. In case of China, this figure is not repoRTEd. • Almost 67 percent Indians have confidence in judicial system, whereas the figure for Pakistan is 57 percent and Sri Lanka is 74 percent during 2014. In case of China, this figure has not been repoRTE<

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PDS/ Ration/ Food Security

equirements of good nutrition to the people of the state, at affordable prices, at all times to live a life of dignity”. • Under the Consumer Protection Act, 1986 and Delhi Citizens' ChaRTEr 2011, consumers are empowered to file complaints in case of unfair trade practice of the PDS dealer/ trader, defect in goods, deficiency in services, sale of unsafe goods and overcharging in excess of that stamped on the product. • The Delhi

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February 2018), prepared by Naandi Foundation and others, please click here to access   @@$ Diet and Nutritional Status of Urban Population in India and Prevalence of Obesity, HypeRTEnsion, Diabetes and Hyperlipidemia in Urban Men and Women, National Nutrition Monitoring Bureau (NNMB) Technical Report no. 27, National Institute of Nutrition (NIN), please click here to access   @$ Nourishing India: National Nutri

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Hunger Overview

ving themselves as getting adequate food throughout the year was 2.1% or less in all major States except West Bengal (4.6%) and Odisha (4.0%). In these two States, about 3.8-3.9% rural households repoRTEd that they did not get adequate food every day in some months. •    1.2% of rural households in Assam, 1.1% in Bihar, and 1.0% in Chhattisgarh repoRTEd not getting adequate food every

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