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Climate talks gather momentum by Priscilla Jebaraj

day’s big achievement is that we are back to negotiating two texts... The two-track negotiating process is back on stream,” said Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh, speaking to Indian repoRTErs on Thursday evening. “I think the sustained pressure brought to bear by the developing countries has paid off.” For the last few days, there has been concern that rich nations were pushing for a single new agreement, ignoring the K

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‘Snatching cases rose, molestation fewer last year than in 2006’

This was disclosed by Minister of State for Home Mullappally Ramachandran in reply to a question in Parliament on the number of murder, robbery, teasing, chain snatching and carjacking cases repoRTEd in Delhi, and the number of cases registered or solved in the last three years. In reply to a question on steps being taken or proposed to check such crimes and improve policing in the Capital, Ramachandran said the Delhi Police has an in-built

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Poor kids must sit with rich kids: HC by Utkarsh Anand

rking in the school. Trying to pacify the Bench, Subramaniam said he would take instructions from the Centre and would try to reach a just and fair decision by mutual consent. But the Bench retoRTEd: “You already have 931 Kendriya Vidyalayas for catering to wards of government officers. We cannot understand how can anybody use several hectares of land and crores of money to teach only the children of particular public servants.”

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The Copenhagen climate circus by Nitin Desai

this meeting of the Conference of Parties (COP) of the Climate Convention (UNFCCC) after a gap of some six years, a snapshot comparison of then and now may be more useful. The UNFCCC process staRTEd in response to scientific concerns. But at the political level, the earliest demands for strong action came at the Commonwealth Summit of 1988 and later in the United Nations from the then presidents of Bangladesh and Maldives, both countries being v

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Cut Red Tape

majority of both Houses of Parliament would have to support the motion for the impeachment to go through. This complicated process has meant that impeachment motions against judges are usually non-staRTErs. And even when they are initiated, as in the case of Ramaswami, they fall through. There is thus a compelling case to make the investigation and impeachment process more transparent. The Judges (Inquiry) Bill, 2006, which has since lapsed, pro

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Price storm locks House

ernment of inaction disrupted scheduled discussions. MPs from all non-UPA parties, including the Left, BJP, Samajwadi Party, Janata Dal (United), Biju Janata Dal, Akali Dal and the Shiv Sena, staRTEd raising slogans against the government in the House. Opposition MPs also marched in front of Parliament House — inside the complex — demanding prompt government action to control the prices of essential commodities. They demande

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Judicial appointments: agenda for reform by Anil Divan

” Constitutional Reform Act 2005 Radical reforms have been brought about in the U.K. by the Constitutional Reforms Act 2005. A new Constitutional Court was established and it has staRTEd functioning. A Judicial Appointments Commission (JAC) is now in place with Baroness Usha Prashar as Chairperson — a distinguished civil servant of East African Indian origin. It has 14 other Commissioners including five judicial members, one ba

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Singur echo in land protest

unced last month that no agricultural land would be forcibly taken for any of the projects, the farmers of Chandauli had felt reassured. “But about 10 days ago, the local administration staRTEd serving notices to the farmers of 12 villages. This turned out to be a rude shock for the farmers,” said Ashish Goel, a farmer of Dhoos village. A senior officer at the legal cell of the East Central Railway admitted that farmers’ la

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Curbs on financial excess

generated, as expected, a torrent of resistance from financial services firms, including threats that they would mass-migrate to other countries. By way of response, an aide to the Chancellor has asseRTEd that the solution was for the banks to “pay less in bonuses” and to realise that this tax was “about changing their behaviour, not raising revenue.” Other members of the European Union such as France and Germany have come out

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Opposition to village ‘doctor’ bill bulldozed

and the absence of precedent sunk the Opposition’s case la-ter in the day before Speaker Hashim Abdul Halim, who wondered aloud: “Were they in slumber for a year?” The drama staRTEd unfolding at the Left Front meeting this morning with the Forward Bloc’s Hafiz Alam Sairani and the RSP’s Kshiti Goswami wanting the bill deferred. Sources said CPM state secretary and front chairman Biman Bose admitted that it had n

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