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Right to Work (MG-NREGA)

rt_6/Report_6.html € Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guaranty Act (MGNREGA) and Empowerment of Women in Rural Areas by Parliamentary Committee on Empowerment of Women (2011-12), FouRTEenth Report, Lok Sabha Secretariat, May, 2012,   OVERVIEW    The NREGA evokes extreme reactions from suppoRTErs an

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There is a cure by Pragya Singh

Despite a long history of battles and a still-intact fort, dusty, small-town Chittorgarh doesn’t quite look like a place where revolutions still happen. But thanks to a project that staRTEd last July, this hilly district in south Rajasthan has quietly overthrown the prevailing regime of high-priced medicines—a key failure of India’s healthcare system. In its stead, it has introduced another that dramatically lowers the cost

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Utsa Patnaik, Professor of Economics, speaks to the Hindu

ly high global prices. Effectively, by 2001, the protection to our farmers was also removed. The quantitative restrictions went and tariffs were put at very low levels. The moment the world prices staRTEd crashing, these farmers became insolvent, within two years or so, and the suicides staRTEd. In the case of the food economy, the picture has been quite complex. Why we did not have inflation earlier

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80; Score: 40) and Sri Lanka (Rank: 91; Score: 37) are better performers in terms of Corruption Perception Index. Pakistan ranks far below at 127 # • 54 percent of respondents from India repoRTEd having paid a bribe in the last 12 months to one out of eight services-police, judiciary, registry, land, medical, education, tax and utilities $ • 40 percent of respondents from India felt that over the past 2 years the level of corruption h

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-term migrants in comparison to 43 percent of SC and 32 percent of ST women in these latter categories $ • While 5 percent of the female migrant workers and 9 percent of the male migrants repoRTEd having been targets of harassment by local people at destinations, 23 percent of the women and 20 percent of the men had experienced violence, threats and being forced to work in the course of migration. Interestingly, among male migrants, contractor

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, falling farm incomes and poor human development indicators (HDI) is a perfect recipe for more rural unemployment and more distress migration to cities.  Even before the recession staRTEd, creation of new jobs had hit negative growth. Nine out of ten people in the trillion-dollar economy work in the unorganized sector and three fourths of all Indians live on Rs 20 a day, according to the National Commission for Enterprises in the Unor

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ate of inviting foreign capital. • In 2007, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh paid an ode to this "massive growth in demand, perhaps to levels never visualized before" as he exhoRTEd the steel industry to maintain a growth trajectory of 10%, or more, till 2020. Orissa, Jharkhand, Chhattsigarh and Karnataka are the major states witnessing investment in mining since the opening years of the decade.   • The areas w

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Debt Trap

t relief, in 8.5 percent of cases, the beneficiaries were not eligible for either the debt waiver or the relief € • Out of 89.35 million farmer households, 43.42 million (48.6%) were repoRTEd to be indebted* • On an average, the amount of debt per farmer household was Rs. 12,585* • The incidence of indebtedness was highest in Andhra Pradesh (82.0%), to be followed by Tamil Nadu (74.5%), Punjab (65.4%), Kerala (64.4%), Karn

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Farmers' suicides

ively. They together accounted for 72.59 percent (5,813 out of 8,007) of total farmer suicides (please click here to access). • Majority of suicides committed by farmers/ cultivators were repoRTEd in Maharashtra (3,030) followed by 1,358 such suicides in Telangana and 1,197 suicides in Karnataka, accounting for 37.8 percent, 17.0 percent and 14.9 percent of total such suicides (8,007) respectively during 2015. Chhattisgarh (854 suicides), Madh

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