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ogressively with time. So if it is the objective simply to reduce poverty, it requires no special policy. Growth will not remove poverty amongst those with inadequate earning power — the unsuppoRTEd young, old, disabled, mentally disturbed or ailing. They would require special subsidies. But the rest would cease to be poor at some point in time. All organizations that have measured poverty with a constant poverty level have confirmed the f

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Easy Does It

imated. GM food is widely available in countries like the US and Canada, where such food is not even distinguished from traditional food items by labelling. No adverse effects on health have been repoRTEd for any transgenic product introduced anywhere in the world so far. Besides, it is a myth that traditional food has no toxic effects. GM food has also been found to have the same nutritional value as unmodified food by various studies. India ca

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India to launch two satellites to study climate change

will be a 50 kg micro-satellite to conduct atmospheric research. The second will be a remote sensing satellite to monitor emission of greenhouses gases like methane and carbon dioxide,' Nair told repoRTErs here. The dedicated satellites will make India one of the few countries in the world to have such advanced facility to study the impact of climate change due to emission of greenhouse gases. Union Minister of State for Environment and Fore

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Use Doha Round to Correct Past Mistakes of the WTO Regime by Bharat Dogra

ConceRTEd efforts have been made to give a new lease of life to the Doha Round of WTO negotiations. The question before us is: what is the most relevant role which this revived round of trade talks can play? If we take an overview of the entire international trade scene and the changes that have taken place ever since the WTO was created (including the negotiations which preceded the WTO’s creation to replace the GATT) then the most credible

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NREGA audit: Bhilwara shows the way by Vidya Subrahmaniam

reluctant panchayat officials. There were also showdowns between the sarpanchs and the auditors at many of the jan sunwais held on the penultimate day. In Baran village, a young woman auditor who repoRTEd irregularities in NREGA work was heckled by sarpanchs who told her plainly that she was a busybody. In Taswaria, the village heads insisted on being spared punishment for wrongdoings, unmindful of the presence of Minister Bharat Singh. The socia

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The sorry plight of Khara tribals in M.P. by Mahim Pratap Singh

o; says Raj Narain, the Up-Sarpanch. “Even the then SDM agreed to give us pattas for this land, but he was transferred. When we didn’t get it, we seized it. The district administration staRTEd a media campaign and termed us naxalites,” he says. Lathis versus guns In 2005, they were evicted by the district administration and the police. “We only had our lathisi while they were all armed with guns. So we had to leave.

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A candle in the wind by P Sainath

e outgoing Assembly saw their assets rise by 339 per cent on average in that period, it was sobering to run into Babytai Bais. She is contesting from Wani in Yavatmal district as an independent, suppoRTEd by the Vidarbha Jan Andolan Samiti (VJAS). Her aim: “to unite the 7,000 farm widows and 35,000 orphans of Vidarbha whose concerns are common, to lead a life of dignity and honour.” Babytai’s indebted husband was one of thousands of

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Easy as Water and Soap: Clean Hands Save Lives

d and after using the toilet—significantly can reduce child mortality. Last year, October 15 was designated as the Global Handwashing Day and a worldwide awareness-raising campaign was staRTEd by the Public-Private Partnership for Handwashing with Soap, an international initiative of which the World Bank is a founding member.   Schools and communities in more than 80 countries will participate in activities this October 15 to re

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Hill tea patent in Europe cup

ries. This would be of boon for the industry,” said Sandip Mukherjee, secretary, Darjeeling Tea Association, which had approached the EU. However, DTA members believe that many EU tea impoRTErs could try and oppose the move. “There are certain unscrupulous impoRTErs who will not want this status. GI status will hamper their business interests as only the tea that originates 100 per cent fr

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‘Pusa Basmati 1121 rice not genetically modified’ by Gargi Parsai

day when the commercial release of Bt Brinjal was recommended by the Genetic Engineering Approval Committee, the Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI) denied that Pusa Basmati 1121 rice (expoRTEd to the Middle East) was genetically modified as repoRTEd in a section of the Iranian Press. Obviously, the genetically modified rice has no export market, and attempts to brand Pusa 1121 as such were

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