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Money For Nothing by Tushaar Shah

orus of views - representing some very influential writers in India and elsewhere - in favour of direct cash transfer into poor people's bank accounts as a more efficient social security net than the National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (NREGS). Economist Arvind Panagariya has called direct cash transfer ''the least costly policy to give immediate relief to the poor". Having returned from a series of field visits to understand the working o

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From Enclave to Empire by Sukanta Chaudhuri

le debate. Such debate has barely got off the ground: Dutta’s article is a valuable contribution. We lament that with sadly few exceptions, our higher education system does not reach interNational standards. Most of our young talent goes abroad, is enriched by the facilities and ambience there, and commonly stays out. Hence we are mulling a ‘brain gain’ agenda, reversing the outward flow of talent. The resident academic workfor

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Needed: ‘basic’ doctors of modern medicine by Meenakshi Gautham & KM Shyamprasad

hat the number of graduates also doubled. It is difficult to obtain exact data on how many graduates entered the health system over 10 years, but almost all of India’s Five-Year Plans and National health policies since 1947 have lamented the shortage of doctors in the rural areas. What is definitely known is that around 10 years later, in the early 1960s, nearly 18,000 graduate doctors from the Indian sub-continent migrated to the U.

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Global Report warns of impending violence and chaos

lities in developed and developing country cities as being driven by factors that include current forms of urbanization, vast income disparities, social divisions, gender discrimination and even interNational migration. When comparing cities across the world, the report finds that some large cities in the US, for example Atlanta and New York, have as high a gini coefficient (an economic measure of income inequality) as Abidjan or Buenos Aires. I

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Special PDS basket trimmed by T Ramakrishnan

since June. Of late, the government has found the scheme unsustainable at the old rates. The commodities, procured by the Tamil Nadu Civil Supplies Corporation from the domestic and interNational markets, are being supplied at subsidised rates. Before the increase in the prices of the dhal varieties, the per kg average cost of toor dhal was Rs.55, and of urid dhal, Rs. 50. Prices of dal varieties This was why the autho

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India’s Malnutrition Dilemma by David Rieff

the Institute of Development Studies in the United Kingdom, puts it, “India is an economic powerhouse and a nutritional weakling.” Haddad has studied India for decades, advising both the National government and several Indian states — nutrition in India being largely a state matter in practical terms. No one is quite sure why the nutrition situation in India is so dire. The lack of women’s empowerment in both rural and urban a

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Misuse of public funds; Lokayukta gives more time to Dikshit

Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit has been given two more weeks time by Lokayukta to respond to allegations of misuse of public funds during last year's Assembly polls in the National capital. The deadline was extended after the Chief Minister failed to respond to the notice issued by Lokayukta justice Manmohan Sarin on October 8 to file reply in the matter by October 27. However, following request from her counsel DB Govardhan,

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Maoist Rebels Widen Deadly Reach Across India by Jim Yardley

BARSUR, India — At the edge of the Indravati River, hundreds of miles from the nearest interNational border, India effectively ends. Indian paramilitary officers point machine guns across the water. The dense jungles and mountains on the other side belong to Maoist rebels dedicated to overthrowing the government. “That is their liberated zone,” said P. Bhojak, one of the officers stationed at the river’s edge in

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Don’t uncork the bubbly yet! by Paranjoy Guha Thakurta

a and Australia, are responsible for whatever growth is currently taking place on the planet is now acknowledged and underlined by the West as well as by multilateral financial agencies like the InterNational Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank. The 3.5 per cent growth in the American economy in the July-September quarter has enthused many into believing that the worst of the worldwide economic crisis is behind us. In India as well, the

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Centre issues directive on NREGS in naxal belt by K Balchand

Anxious to spur up the rural economy in the naxal-affected districts of the country, the Centre has underlined the imperativeness to implement the National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (NREGS) in a more meaningful manner. Rural Development Department secretary Rita Sharma took up the matter with the Chief Secretaries of 15 States to impress upon them the need to ensure that the rural household received their due entitlements in acco

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