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The winter of our austerity by P Sainath

across all States. It might be slightly chaotic if every citizen was required to be a member of the Haryana Assembly.) These and other fascinating insights abound in the reports put out by the National Election Watch on the Assembly polls in three States. (October 13 is the voting day.) NEW is a coalition of over 1,200 civil society groups across the country that also brought out excellent reports on these issues at the time of the Lok Sabha po

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SEZs Vs Displacement: Join Peoples’ Audit in TN

Walaja Unriya Vyvasaigal Nala Sangam, Tamil Nadu Vyvasaigal Inamanamgulam Kilai, Madurai Mavatta Vyvasaigal Nala Sangam, Vyvasa Thozhilar Nala Sangam, Amaipusara Thozhilar Koottamaippu. Supported by National Alliance of People's Movements (NAPM), Unorganised Workers Federation, Dalit Land Rights Federation (Mannurimai Koottamaippu); Tamil Nadu Women’s Forum and many other TN based peoples’ movement and organisations. Brief Backgroun

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Great opportunity for media persons to witness Social Audits in Rajasthan

Taking a leaf out of the Andhra Pradesh’s book, Rajasthan Government has decided to institutionalize social audits for effective monitoring and implementation of the National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (NREGS). A part of the Ashok Gehlot-led Government’s commitment is to set up a full time Directorate of Social Audits to ensure regular execution of social audits and their follow ups. The new programme is likely to be launched on O

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Indian Ocean Nations to test tsunami warning

lecom World 2009 in Geneva. "When an earthquake hits, a coordinated ICT system can monitor developments, send out emergency messages and help people to cope." Organized by the UN InterNational Telecommunication Union, Telecom World is a unique event for the ICT community which brings together the top names from across the industry and around the world. This year's forum highlights the reach and role of telecommunications and ICT in are

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Abatement costs by Bibek Debroy

eason is clear: all the real change options are expensive at home--from shift to renewables to carbon capture and storage." An impression is floating around that MoEF is succumbing to interNational (read US) pressure to introduce mitigation targets, ahead of the Copenhagen summit in December. Cross-country equity apart, while we may introduce mandatory fuel efficiency targets in 2011 and energy-efficient building codes in 2012, the abatemen

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A third of world's child brides in India: UNICEF by Betwa Sharma

nbsp; Based on these statistics, it recommends that regional targeting policies aimed at eliminating child labour are essential.  Children's Work, an inter-agency project of the InterNational Labour Organisation, the World Bank and UNICEF, also finds a reduction in children's engagement in economic activity in most countries, including large ones such as India, Brazil and Mexico. UNICEF underlines widespread trafficking of children fo

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Miss the wood for the trees by Sudhirendar Sharma

ungry people — it went to feed livestock. Without doubt, self-sufficiency in food grains has been achieved at the cost of being dependent on inputs (seeds, fertilisers and pesticides) from transNational corporations. Borlaug’s blindness to political dynamics — his refusal to consider the power relations at work in the countries whose hungry he set out to save — undermined his legacy. The point isn’t that Borlaug is a

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New Script for India on Climate Change by Jim Yardley

in the words of the environment minister, as a “deal maker,” not a “deal breaker.” The shift comes as Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is pushing India to adopt a more interNationalist posture on issues like climate change and trade as he seeks to expand India’s global stature at a time when declining American influence is altering the geopolitical balance of power. Mr. Singh’s government has concluded that

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Shrinking credit to farmers

recovery, the disbursal of agricultural credit has dipped by an astonishing 30 per cent, putting the prospects of recovery in the drought-ravaged farm sector in jeopardy. The numbers released by the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (Nabard) indicate that both commercial banks and cooperative credit outlets are lagging behind their targets by margins so wide as to be difficult to bridge in even the next (rabi) season. Total credit t

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Three pictures

government — which represents people willing and able to move as well as an economy that will benefit from being the source of such movement — should be making on a regular basis at interNational fora. Instead we have been presented in the past with shameful retreats, such as a former foreign secretary going to DC to say that the number of Indian engineers that the US allows in is not his business. This abdication of responsibility must c

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