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Prof. Guy Standing, economist at the School Of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, interviewed by Sayantan Bera (

nd selection. When you do that, you have high exclusion errors. Basic income involves direct transfer to an individual, which reduces a whole lot of administrative costs, is transparent and minimises Corruption. The debate about welfare (policies) in India is intellectually corrupt due to the pretense that complex schemes can actually work. You can think of basic income as a modest payment or as an alternative to social welfare schemes. My own pref

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The solution is universal -Rajendran Narayanan & Debmalya Nandy

unclear how tenant farmers, those without titles, and women farmers would be within the ambit of the scheme. There is also substantial evidence to demonstrate that universal schemes are less prone to Corruption than targeted schemes. In targeted programmes, it is very common to have errors of exclusion, i.e., genuine beneficiaries get left out. Such errors go unrecorded and people continue to be left out. It is in some of these contexts that strengthe

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Two sides of the coin: Tax incentives and revenue forgone -Suraj Jaiswal and Neeti Biyani

y to ensure that their citizens are able to fulfil unrealized rights, address inequality and meet sustainable development goals for all. Widespread use of tax incentives is also linked to problems of Corruption and poor governance. Tax incentives essentially constitute a set of fiscal policy tools that governments use to achieve desired economic and social policy outcomes. It is an exercise of the state’s taxing power but with negative effect

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MGNREGA workers in Jharkhand demand increase in wages and number of days of guaranteed work

hassles in withdrawing wages due to Aadhaar and banking issues such as freezing of accounts, eKYC etc. Shanti Devi, a worker, complained that workers’ rights are violated because of widespread Corruption in the local administration. Expressing concern at the very low levels of participation of the elderly, women and members of the Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups (PVTGs) in NREGA, Jawahar Mehta of Vikas Sahyog Kendra, Chhattarpur, Palam

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Aruna Roy, well-known social and political activist, interviewed by Jipson John and Jitheesh PM (

ncerns: “Everyone calls it an elite service; I always felt the discourse should be a bit better than what it was. I was shocked to find people boasting about their ‘achievements’ in Corruption. I realised that if I remained in the system, I would have to oppose it without any assurance of support from colleagues or success. I preferred to leave.” After quitting the civil service, she joined the Rajasthan-based non-government

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Basic income works and works well -Guy Standing

patory. Those who do not trust people wish to retain paternalistic policies despite decades of evidence that they are woefully inefficient, ineffective, inequitable and open to ridiculously extensive Corruption. The tendency of elites to want to have common people grateful to their discretionary benevolence has blocked sensible economic reform. As commentators know, in the 2017 Economic Report tabled by the government there is a chapter on how a ba

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Lokpal search panel formed, it will frame its own rules of functioning, govt tells SC -Krishnadas Rajagopal

ew Delhi: The government informed the Supreme Court on Friday that a eight-member search committee has been constituted in September 2018 for zeroing in on eligible candidates for Lokpal and the anti-Corruption authority will frame its own rules of functioning. The panel is led by former Supreme Court judge, Justice Ranjana Prakash Desai. On September 27, the Department of Personnel and Training issued a notification listing the names of the commit

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Agra farmer earns Rs 490 from potato crop, sends it to PM Modi in protest

-Hindustan Times Pradeep Sharma, the farmer from Nagla Nathu village in Agra’s Baroli Aheer area, also alleged Corruption in the agriculture department with regard to the crop insurance. Lucknow: An Agra-based farmer, who could save a mere Rs 490 after selling 19 tonnes of his potato crop, has sent the entire amount to Prime Minister Narendra Modi by money order as a protest. Pradeep Sharma, the farmer from Nagla Nathu village in Agr

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Why the farmer suicide debate is counter-productive to understanding India's agrarian crisis? -Roshan Kishore

f of the agrarian crisis in the country by a large section. India’s political economy discourse is often a prisoner of the dictum that when there is no theory, there is a conspiracy theory. Corruption, rather than an accentuated cyclical shock after the global financial crisis, combined with the poor governance structures in Indian banks, is described as the main reason for the bad loan crisis. Reservation for socially deprived communities,

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How The Modi Government is Killing Off MGNREGS -Subodh Varma

s, and aggrieved people have no method of correcting the growing number of technical glitches arising from the electronic fund transfer systems. All this is topped by increasingly novel ways in which Corruption is creeping into the system, snatching away hard-earned and precious wages from the people. Let us put some of these features under the microscope to understand the reasons. Rising Demand, Sinking Availability of Work The demand for work

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