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IIP growth rebounds, retail Inflation surges

-The Hindu Electricity sector growth, however, slows to 4.75% in July from 8.19% in June; food Inflation at a 14-month high Industrial activity rebounded in July to 4.3% on a broad-based recovery across key sectors such as mining, manufacturing and construction, official data released on Thursday showed. In a separate release, data showed retail Inflation rose in August to hit a 10-month high of

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Dr. Manmohan Singh, former Prime Minister of India, interviewed by Richa Mishra (The Hindu Business Line)

The enduring legacies of the first term of the BJP government are demonetisation and GST, which have left the economy reeling even in the second term. The other major focus of the Modi government was Inflation control. This has come at the cost of our farm sector. Agricultural incomes have fallen to a 14-year low, agri exports have contracted and imports have risen sharply. This also contributed to stagnant wages and the eventual fall in consumption,

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A wider deficit is unavoidable to strengthen demand -Ajit Ranade

The libertarians among them oppose deficits also because they don’t trust the government. Conventional theory says that uncontrolled deficit-spending will lead to high debt and interest rates, Inflation and ultimately a crisis that will call for debt repudiation. That will lead to a loss of investor confidence and growth. This is the doomsday scenario. But India’s experience of the past three decades has been that despite a relatively hig

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Solution to economy's woes: Boost incomes of those who will spend it best -Harish Damodaran

s where farm GVA growth has actually been lower in nominal than in real terms. Those quarters (April-June 2017, July-September 2018 and October-December 2018) had, in other words, registered negative Inflation or deflation. The last quarter’s data suggests that farm prices are showing signs of recovery. Many commodities — from maize, bajra (pearl-millet), jowar (sorghum) and cotton, to onion and milk — are fetching good or better

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Cyclical or Structural -- What is the nature of India's economic slowdown? -Nikita Vashisht

nalysts believe that a slowdown in the GDP growth for the fourth consecutive year, from 8.2% in FY17 to around 6.5%  in FY20 (E), makes it a case of structural slowdown. India’s real or Inflation-adjusted gross domestic product (GDP) grew at 5% in the June 2019 quarter of financial year 2019-20 (Q1FY20), the slowest growth in six years (25 quarters). In nominal terms, the growth stood at 7.99%, the lowest since December 2002. With th

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Economic growth problem: It's time now for Modi-II to undo the damage -TN Ninan

f Modi-I, the net sales of 2,769 non-financial companies tracked by Capitaline increased by a modest 34.5 per cent, even as their net profits increased by an even more modest 20.6 per cent (less than Inflation during this period). Most tellingly, assets increased hardly at all over the five years, by just 3.5 per cent — affected, it would seem, by the bankruptcy process because 2018-19 saw a precipitous decline in private sector assets. These gr

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Private sector salaries logged slowest growth in a decade -Vineet Sachdev

mployees. However, just 3,353 of these 4,953 companies employed 8.2 million people in 2018-19. Nominal wage and sales revenue growth of these 4,953 companies was 6% and 9% in 2018-19. Adjusted for Inflation (using the Consumer Price Index for Industrial Workers), these figures are 0.53% and 3% for salary and sales growth. Please click here to read more.

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The perpetual El Nino -Jatin Singh

ectly dependent on agriculture. Every year, unpredictable or irregular weather events cause unprecedented losses of capital and produce that in turn set off a ripple effect, culminating in food-price Inflation and tragic farmer suicides. While India’s more drought-resilient, it is by no means drought-proof. But to focus on the positive, one of the major reasons behind the increased drought resilience is the importance now laid on output of ra

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There is a fundamental problem of demand today. At the core of it is incomes that aren't rising enough -Harish Damodaran

6.3 million to 1059.3 million). Supply not keeping up with demand — recall those long waiting periods for telephones, LPG connections and Bajaj Chetak scooters — was also manifested in Inflation. Annual retail food Inflation during the Nineties, and even the 10 years from 2006-07 to 2015-16, averaged 9.8 per cent. Not surprisingly, “supply management” measures — be it stocki

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RSS blames RBI for economic slowdown, defends Modi govt policies -Anjali Das

-National Herald/ IANS Swadeshi Jagran Manch, the economic wing of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh has hit out at the Reserve Bank of India for not lowering rate of interest even when the Inflation is down to 2%, holding it responsible for the current slowdown in the economy. "The RBI has been the major reason for the slowdown. The Monetary Policy Committee of the RBI has been working on the wrong model and faulty framework. All over the

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