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Story of budget '20, in 9 charts -Team Plain Facts With no significant spending increase to boost consumption or other major reform, the 2020 budget may lack the firepower to reignite the economy A growth slump, a precarious fiscal position and rising Inflation: these are extraordinary times for the Indian economy. Yet in the 2020 Budget, these extraordinary times did not lead to the extraordinary measures so many economists were clamouring for. Like previous budgets under this government, the latest one...

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Modi govt at work! Double whammy of unemployment and price rise -Subodh Varma Joblessness is zooming, Inflation is at six-year high led by food Inflation, exports are down further, industrial production is stagnant and investment is at a standstill. In the last six months or so, the Modi government has supposedly been paying close attention to the sinking economy, with a flurry of meetings, announcements of freebies to corporates, fervent assurances to markets and budget shenanigans to supposedly keep the deficit in check and...

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India to witness severe food Inflation due to extreme weather -Richard Mahapatra

-Down to Earth The record-breaking vegetable price rise indicates an era of high food Inflation in coming years Rising prices of food items, particularly that of vegetables, have spiked retail Inflation to a 68-month high of 7.59 per cent in January 2020, according to the National Statistical Office. While the Inflation figure captured headlines, a crucial analysis of the reasons behind this sustained increase in food prices slipped public attention. Extreme weather events...

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Retail Inflation: Why your grocery bill could remain high -Surabhi

-The Hindu Business Line Onion prices may be cooling, but food Inflation likely to remain high; core Inflation a worry Consumers staring at rising prices are unlikely to have much reprieve. Analysts believe that retail Inflation may be peaking now but caution that prices will remain high in coming months. So while onion prices have come down, your monthly grocery bill could still be on the higher side for the first half of...

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Budgetary allocations to agricultural and rural sector is meagre, alleges ASHA

-Press release by Alliance for Sustainable & Holistic Agriculture (ASHA) dated 1st February, 2020 New Delhi, February 1st 2020: A thorough analysis of the Budget shows that even though the Budget speech spoke much about Agriculture and Rural sector and a 16-point program, the allocations for the Rural Economy were in fact slashed in this Budget compared to previous year. The Budget allocation for Agriculture, Allied sectors and Irrigation in 2020-21...

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