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Can we prevent rural suicides? Yes, it is possible, says a recent WHO-FAO publication

action to be taken by pesticide registrars and regulators. The booklet by WHO and FAO says that there are various risk factors that could trigger suicide including mental illness, acute distress, Poverty, breakdown of a marriage or relationship, physical illness, job loss, exposure to violence, being bullied or abused as a child, alcohol or drug abuse, a previous suicide attempt and access to high-lethality suicide methods. Thus, risk factors for

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Kerala, Tamil Nadu best performers in child health and welfare

tabh Kant. “Kerala surpassed most Indian states by ensuring access to good health and nutrition to children and safe drinking water and sanitation, providing quality education and addressing Poverty,” the report mentioned. Madhya Pradesh ranked the lowest. According to the report, more children live in poorer families in Madhya Pradesh. Jharkhand and Meghalaya were two other states near the bottom. The categorisation of performanc

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'Population Explosion': The myth that refuses to go -Sarojini Nadimpally

contributing to the development of the country, commending it as a form of patriotism. In the past too, “population explosion” has been perceived and articulated as a primary cause of Poverty, unemployment, ill-health, lack of education, environmental degradation, climate change and even traffic jams in cities.   The bogey of “population explosion” has, over the past 73 years, held sway in the country with successiv

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Kerala, TN, Himachal tops India's child well-being index, says report -Bindu Shajan Perappadan

cators were selected to develop the computation of the child well-being index. The report highlights the multi-dimensional approach towards measuring child well-being — going beyond mere income Poverty. Children have the potential to transform the country, but if neglected, they will exacerbate the burden of Poverty and inequality. It is imperative that all stakeholders prioritise and invest in the we

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Dip in tractor sales indicate further deepening of rural distress

e click here to access Delayed monsoon, weak rural economy took toll on tractor sale, The New Indian Express, 16 August, 2019, please click here to access    What happened to Poverty during the first term of Modi? -Himanshu,, 15 August, 2019, please click here to access   FMCG companies red-flag gathering rural slowdown -Pranav Mukul & Anil Sasi, The Indian Express, 15 August, 2019, please click

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What can help in controlling population in India--society or law? -Neetu Chandra Sharma

th of the mother and the child, leading to increased maternal and infant mortality rates, lowered nutrition and various diseases amongst women. In the long run, higher population burden also leads to Poverty, environmental degradation owing to over exploitation of available natural resources," said Sandeep Budhiraja, senior director, institute of internal medicine, Max healthcare. * How India’s social biases add to population growth?

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What happened to Poverty during the first term of Modi? -Himanshu

The slowdown has certainly raised questions on the claims of economic growth and job creation put out by the government. But a more important question is what happened to household consumption and Poverty? Surely, the nature of distress driven by declining purchasing power for a majority of households would give rise to Poverty. Like many other official statistics, this government has remained silent on

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Economist Jean Dreze: Article 370 helped reducing Poverty in Jammu and Kashmir -Vishwadeepak

is higher in Jammu and Kashmir which is depicted as a terrorist-state by media as compared to Gujarat which is projected as a model state in India; percentage of the rural population living below the Poverty line in Jammu and Kashmir is less than Gujarat, also the percentage of the immunised children living in Jammu and Kashmir is higher than Gujarat.   Based on official figures, these findings were brought to notice by Dreze,

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Jean Dreze contests Amit Shah with Gujarat data -Pheroze L Vincent

the percentages of girls aged 15-19 with eight years of schooling, underweight children, adult women with low body mass index and fully immunised children. He also cited 2011-12 figures for rural Poverty and the wages of rural labourers. Kashmir scored better than Gujarat in all the indices. Dreze told The Telegraph: “The basic point is that Jammu and Kashmir had its own Constitution, making it possible to expropriate the big landowners a

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Is Jammu and Kashmir underdeveloped as stated by Amit Shah? -Vignesh Radhakrishnan & Sumant Sen

-The Hindu Where does Jammu and Kashmir stand in comparison to other States in key indicators of growth and development Union Home Minister Amit Shah has linked poor healthcare, Poverty, lack of doctors and slow economic growth in Jammu and Kashmir to amendment to Article 370. However, a look at how the State, now bifurcated into Union Territories, compares with other States in key indicators suggests that these concerns are exaggerated. Li

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