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Nationalism trumps drought in Marathwada -Kavitha Iyer & Parthasarathi Biswas

hese regions, where mitigation measures to tackle a grave water and fodder scarcity had barely begun during the election campaign, BJP leaders had run a campaign almost entirely on issues of national security, the Pulwama attack and the Balakot airstrike. Mumbai/ Pune: Shrugging off the impact of a crippling drought, anger at slow drought relief measures and years of poor price realisations for most major farm produce, rural Maharashtra appears to

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Anaemia is a public health emergency that needs to be addressed immediately -Alok Kumar & Vedeika Shekhar

n its record against malnutrition. Despite major government interventions — including providing highly subsidised foodgrains to the poorest 67 per cent of the population under the National Food security Act (NFSA), a free Mid-day Meal Scheme (MDM) that targets around 100 million students in government schools and a supplementary nutrition programme through the ICDS network — the country is home to the largest number of malnourished childre

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Jobless with a job in Delhi -Basant Kumar Mohanty

-The Telegraph Low wages, no social security mark ‘non-standard forms of employment’ By 11am last Wednesday, Salim had collected all the household trash littering the lanes in the central Delhi neighbourhood of Regar Pura and dumped it in the local garbage yard. If he were a regular civic employee, his day’s work would be over. But Salim said his “actual work” would only start now: he would be segregatin

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On the political fringes -Manish K Jha & Ajeet Kumar Pankaj

say that there seems to be a general agreement to let the votes of domestic migrants go missing in the electoral process. Migrants remain a political issue despite their poverty, vulnerability and insecurity. Yet, we know very little about the way migrants engage with politics, especially in elections. How do migrants ensure that they remain politically relevant in the villages they leave behind? What roles do caste and identity play in their voting

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How a rural distress helpline in Telangana is preventing farmer suicides -Priyanka Richi

ana. Kisan Mitra, a non-profit organisation, is a rural distress helpline that acts as an intermediary between the government and farmers. Set up in 2017, the helpline strives to provide financial security to farmers and makes sure entitlements reach their pockets on time. Apart from securing an economically stable future for the farmers, the volunteers at Kisan Mitra also provide counselling to farmers who are on the verge of suicide and handle di

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An employment-oriented economic policy -Pulapre Balakrishnan

e connected. The first is to review the conduct of macroeconomic policy. Though it must come across as arcane, this is an element of public policy that makes a difference to whether we enjoy economic security or not. This brings up the second task for the winner, namely employment generation. The macroeconomic policy pursued in the past five years needs overhauling. The government has continued with fiscal consolidation, or shrinking the deficit, w

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From Plate to Plough: Cow and cane -Ashok Gulati

tion, is the Modi wave still surging or waning? The grand road show of PM Modi in Varanasi seemed to suggest that the mood of the voters is still upbeat. Modi’s campaign speeches pitch national security and tackling terrorism as the highest priority of his government. He categorically says he will never hesitate to eliminate terrorists even if he has to bomb their safe havens in the neighbouring country. This brings lot of cheers and chants of &

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Meanwhile, on the Jobs Front -Subodh Varma Latest CMIE data shows that unemployment rate continues to steadily climb up even as PM Modi and his party try to divert attention by talking about air strikes and ‘national security’. If ever there was a case of “Nero fiddling while Rome was burning” then India today is the best example. The country is going through one of its worst jobs crisis, well documented by several surveys and confirmed by reports

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Why are urban and rural voters dissimilar? -Narendar Pani

ry that extends to a sixth of all humanity, the primary concerns of voters in different parts of the country can vary quite substantially. While voters may share some common concerns such as national security or the need for state monetary support, there would be a very large number of local issues influencing their everyday existence, including some as essential as the supply of drinking water. Please click here to read more.

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Squeeze on jobs -TK Rajalakshmi

ral employment, the falling female workforce participation, unpaid care work for women, labour law reforms, contract labour dynamics, forms of stigmatised employment in India, and the state of social security. The eight chapters focus on the lack of decent work and “state-sponsored inequalities”, which the report’s authors argue exacerbated problems of income and employment inequality in the country. The report strongly critiques the

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