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New Maharashtra chief information commissioner finds lacunae in RTI Act

Newly appointed state chief information commissioner (SCIC) Vilas Patil admitted that there are lacunAES in the Right to Information Act. He felt that this needs to be addressed urgently so that the act can be smoothly implemented. Patil added that due to this lacunae the percentage of recovery of penalties imposed on the errant officers duringimplementation is either low or unknown. After the swearing-in on Thursday, Patil took charge fro

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The unseeables by Jayati Ghosh

uch less attempted. Instead, the so-called beautification of the city has all been about exclusion and destruction of livelihoods. In the name of “streetscaping” (most of which reveals an AESthetic that is problematic in the extreme) street vendors have been removed with no compensation, and locals have been deprived of the conveniences such vendors provided. The rubble created by new construction has been pushed into side streets, shiftin

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Bread and games in India by Latha Jishnu

during the time of the Roman Empire when it was easy to say where power was located. Emperor Cato had no doubts about who was in charge when he noted: “When Cicero speaks, Romans marvel; when CAESar speaks, Romans march.” Canadian political scientist Donald Savoie has an interesting thesis on this subject in his book Power: Where Is It? Unlike in the Roman world, Savoie says, it is next to impossible to unravel the tangled web of influenc

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How Tamil Nadu has made an incremental difference by Divya Gupta

tres, known as CEmONC (Comprehensive Emergency Obstetric and Newborn Care), across Tamil Nadu. Equipped with operation theatres and blood storage units and staffed by obstetricians, paediatricians, anAESthetists and other specialists, these are intended to be available round the clock. Since 2004, when the centres were introduced at the district and sub-district levels, news reports have recorded a sharp increase in the number of complicated cases bei

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AIDS stigma drives HIV in India: World Bank study

at they feel their lives aren't worth protecting or prolonging which stops them from reaching out for the prevention, care, and prevention services they need to fight the disease," says Mariam ClAESon, co-author and programme coordinator for the World Bank's South Asia region. "We have been supporting efforts that tackle prejudice about HIV and AIDS at community and national levels and break down the walls of fear and suspicion that po

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We, the 116 crore people by Vidya Krishnan

erwise would have been born at home. Besides institutional deliveries, the scheme provides incentives for sterilisation and vaccination of newborns. An off-shoot in Gujarat is the fall in numbers of CAESarean deliveries, since doctors get paid at C-sec rates even for a normal delivery. Santushti: Sterilisation as key to happiness AN off-shoot of the Chiranjeevi programme, Santushti was launched in 2008 to address the extremely sensitive issu

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Janani Sahyogi Yojana to be implemented afresh with new guidelines

second and third pre-natal checkups, Rs 250 for sonography, Rs 500 for lab test, Rs 2500 for normal and complicated delivery, Rs 1,000 for PPH management, Rs 250 for blood transfusion, Rs 7,500 for cAESarian section and Rs 9,000 for cAESarian histonomy. Rs 100 will be given for two post-natal checkups within 14 days. For safe abortion services, every contracted private medical institution will be given Rs

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Cops parade deranged man as Maoist by CAESar Mandal

The "dreaded" Maoist captured by joint forces on Wednesday the only one apparently caught alive at the encounter site where eight rebels lay dead is a 20-year-old mute and mentally challenged youth from Duli village. No wonder, police haven't been able to make him speak. In what may cast a shadow on the way the police are rounding up suspects, Rameshwar Murmu has been branded a hardcore Maoist and slapped with the most stringent of charges, including sedition under Unlawf

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Rural hospitals a shambles by Neha Bhayana

Sixty per cent of hospitals in rural Maharashtra don’t have an obstetrician or gynaecologist, 85 per cent are not equipped to conduct cAESarean sections and about 90 per cent don’t have blood storage facilities. These are just some of the several shocking findings of the third District Level Household Survey (DLHS), a health survey commissioned by the Union Health Ministry and conducted by the International Institute for Populatio

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Maternal deaths in sharp decline across the globe by Denise Grady

us countries. For instance, India pays women to get prenatal care and skilled care for delivery. Nepal provides home visits for family planning. Malawi is training nonphysicians to perform emergency cAESarean sections. Brazil has set up a health system that provides free primary care and skilled attendance at birth for all. —©2010 New York Times News Service

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