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India’s Woes Reflected in Bid to Restart Old Plant by Vikas Bajaj

izer and chemical companies that also want and need more gas. It was with an eye to solving India’s power problem that the country turned to Enron and several other foreign companies like AES, based in Virginia, and EDF of Paris in the early 1990s. The country pursued eight so-called fast-track projects to jolt the economy out of its long socialist-economy slumber. All but one of the projects ran into trouble. The Enron Dabhol projec

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Social Banditry by Ramachandra Guha

ho thought that since they had read a book once, they had no need to read it again. The great works of literature were to read again and again. The urge to go back to a book was prompted sometimes by AESthetics, the desire to savour once more its artful or elegant prose; and, at other times, by the sense that one would learn something new on a second reading. Thus, it is said that War and Peace makes one kind of impression when read while young, quite

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Privatisation of Judiciary! by K G Somasekharan Nair

th century were tough people, however. They had to be, to with stand the diseases which come from unclean food and unventilated and ill-drained houses, and the surgical operations performed without anAESthetic on infected or fractured limbs. They did not treat each other gently or did not expect gentle treatment in return. As a victorian historian said of slightly earlier times, ‘Masters well born and bred were in the habit of beating their serv

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Bhopal's drinking water is still heavily toxic: Report

irth defects, rapidly rising cancer rates, neurological damage, chaotic menstrual cycles and mental illness, it said. The report also questions the reliability of the tests carried out in at the AES Laboratories in New Delhi. The report, 'Analysis of chemical contaminants in groundwater of communities surrounding UCIL Plant Site in Bhopal' was made by Bhopal Medical Appeal, a UK-based nonprofit; and the Sambhavna Trust Clinic in Bhopal that

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Maternal tragedies by TK Rajalakshmi

; deliveries, implying that they were not equipped to deal with complications. When they have to refer pregnant women for specialised care, the referral centres with blood transfusion facilities and CAESarian sections are often located more than 100 kilometres away. The want of timely attention often proves fatal, the report says. “The best institutional delivery cannot save a pregnant woman or a new mother unless she is cared for in the i

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Doing some good vs. doing right by Liesl Gerntholtz

the 1,097 community health centres the government says it should have. Less than a third of these have an obstetrician or a gynaecologist on the staff. Only one in 20 of these referral units offers cAESarean sections, and one in a hundred has a blood storage facility. Given these shortcomings, it is unclear whether women actually receive better care than they would giving birth at home. The fact that 20 million women give birth in these facilit

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Appeal to stop Bt brinjal before it is too late!

has launched a peoples’ campaign against ‘genetically contaminated food.’ The idea is to get thousands of citizens to write and send faxes to the Union Environment Minister Jairam RAESh before a high-powered government committee called the GEAC approves commercial cultivation in India of Bt brinjal.   The activists believe that urgent action is required before the process of contaminating our food supply forever kicks o

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Father of green revolution no more with us

, World Food Proframme, 13 September, 2009, The Nobel Peace Prize 1970 Presentation Speech by Mrs. Aase LionAES, Chairman of the Nobel Committee, Foreign Relations of the United States Theme: The Indian Food Crisis, Office of the Historian, US Department of State,

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Public Health

qualified providers. By NSSO estimates as much as 40% of the private care is likely to be by informal unqualified providers). 72% of all private health care enterprises are own-account-enterprises (OAES), which are household run businesses providing health services without hiring a worker on a fairly regular basis. • In terms of comparative efficiency, public sector is value for money as it accounts (based on the NSSO 60th round) for less tha

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