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The Split Reality by Ashok Mitra

sis a stake in the breathtaking economic progress the country is experiencing. On the other hand, the development process has actually led to an encroachment on both the living space and the means of Livelihood of the tribal population. Such alienation of the adivasis from the national mainstream has persisted over decades. But enough ought to be enough, the social and economic exploitation of the tribal communities could not be tolerated any longer.

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Poor women 'bear climate burden'

ent, habitats, economies and people, the report said. Migration could be affected, as rising sea levels and droughts prompt people to leave uninhabitable lands, and poor people could lose their Livelihoods. But women, particularly in poor countries, will be affected differently from men, the UNFPA added. Describing "a cycle of deprivation", the report said that women in developing countries did a larger share of farming and

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Managing Disasters and Displacement by SG Vombatkere

fic forecasting, early warning, political commitment and planned, orderly evacuation to operationalised relief camps. Evacuation of large numbers of people for an unspecified period from their homes, Livelihoods and occupations may be enforced with little or no notice. But even for those who may escape the direct effects of the disaster because they had been evacuated earlier or otherwise protected (as inside a disaster-proof shelter) or had fled of t

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Middleclass Demand For Child Domestic Workers by Jyoti Sonia Dhan

, swabbing, or taking care of children. These tasks were performed by child workers. What causes to become child domestic workers? There were few major reasons like poverty, lack of alternative Livelihood, parental attitude to female education and “demand from middleclass for domestic workers”. While defining poverty, there are few things like the source of income is less as compare to the number of mouths to be fed. The repayments o

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Climate change playing havoc with Livelihoods of the poor

o-system like their own children. Tulsi Devi is perturbed that as more and more forest land is being given to “companies”, there would be little left for her community to earn their Livelihood from. Her anxiety is shared by Neville D’Souza from Mumbai who is fighting for the survival of mangrove forests on the Dharavi Bet where trees are being cut to make way for a special economic zone planned by the Maharashtra Government.

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Food Security, Sustainability and Copenhagen Summit

d by the people during the 1980s. However, having access to food does not always ensure better nutritional outcomes and therefore, she said, it is essential to increase purchasing power by generating Livelihood opportunities. She explained how value addition can take place in the agricultural sector. She said that trade policies can help in ensuring food security. She also talked about the role of institutions to provide easy credit and technology to

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Survey of 422 slums in city planned by Deepa H Ramakrishnan

The Chennai Corporation will soon commission a study on the household and Livelihood profile of 422 slums across the city. While it is to effectively implement the schemes funded under the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission, the data would also help the civic body assess other welfare measures for those living in slums. The Corporation will float tenders inviting agencies to conduct the survey for gathering the details, includin

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Exiled by Divya Gupta

rise, extreme weather events, and drought and water scarcity. The quintessential non-combatants in the climate war, they are the ones who have contributed least to global warming, but whose lives and Livelihoods are most threatened by it. Ganpat Bhai Tandel, who moved to Dandi with his family, is among them. Before moving, he says he rebuilt his house further inland five times. “I lost my boat, my income has reduced but at least there is s

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'We're possibly the world's most corrupt society'

is no barrier between the taught and the teacher. There is a dialogue that helps both." Manzil has two aims which it tries to fulfill with every student. One is to help the students earn a Livelihood and the other is to help them see that whatever they choose to do should have a positive effect on society. "The Hindu scriptures -- the Vedas -- have perhaps the highest ideals and our society today is perhaps the lowest in practici

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Global Report warns of impending violence and chaos

6 per cent of value added. Better approaches to urban planning and management are needed in the face of growing informality. Past approaches of formalizing informality have failed: it destroyed Livelihoods and shelter, exacerbated exclusion and marginalization, the report says. The Global Report assesses the effectiveness of urban planning as a tool for dealing with the unprecedented challenges facing 21st century cities and for enhancing

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