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Food Security, Sustainability and Copenhagen Summit

d by the people during the 1980s. However, having access to food does not always ensure better nutritional outcomes and therefore, she said, it is essential to increase purchasing power by generating Livelihood opportunities. She explained how value addition can take place in the agricultural sector. She said that trade policies can help in ensuring food security. She also talked about the role of institutions to provide easy credit and technology to

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Survey of 422 slums in city planned by Deepa H Ramakrishnan

The Chennai Corporation will soon commission a study on the household and Livelihood profile of 422 slums across the city. While it is to effectively implement the schemes funded under the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission, the data would also help the civic body assess other welfare measures for those living in slums. The Corporation will float tenders inviting agencies to conduct the survey for gathering the details, includin

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Exiled by Divya Gupta

rise, extreme weather events, and drought and water scarcity. The quintessential non-combatants in the climate war, they are the ones who have contributed least to global warming, but whose lives and Livelihoods are most threatened by it. Ganpat Bhai Tandel, who moved to Dandi with his family, is among them. Before moving, he says he rebuilt his house further inland five times. “I lost my boat, my income has reduced but at least there is s

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'We're possibly the world's most corrupt society'

is no barrier between the taught and the teacher. There is a dialogue that helps both." Manzil has two aims which it tries to fulfill with every student. One is to help the students earn a Livelihood and the other is to help them see that whatever they choose to do should have a positive effect on society. "The Hindu scriptures -- the Vedas -- have perhaps the highest ideals and our society today is perhaps the lowest in practici

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Global Report warns of impending violence and chaos

6 per cent of value added. Better approaches to urban planning and management are needed in the face of growing informality. Past approaches of formalizing informality have failed: it destroyed Livelihoods and shelter, exacerbated exclusion and marginalization, the report says. The Global Report assesses the effectiveness of urban planning as a tool for dealing with the unprecedented challenges facing 21st century cities and for enhancing

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Sustained economic activity not possible under shadow of gun: PM

ce of these communities for centuries," he said. Singh said resettlement and rehabilitation of tribals raise serious issues of not just monetary compensation but also issues of sustainable Livelihood, preserving the traditional sense of community and helping the tribals cope with the trauma of dislocation and alienation. "It is clear that we need to reflect on how to improve the laws and mechanisms through which we provide compen

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World population explosion: 1 billion more in 12 years

ng countries. Eight in every 10 of those youth live in Africa and Asia. In the coming decades, youth population would start migrating towards urban areas and cities as there is lack of employment and Livelihood opportunities in the rural areas. It is a major challenge before the developing countries’ governments to fulfill the requirements of the youth i.e. education, training, housing, health facilities and employment opportunities. Most of the

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Migration: supportive policies needed by Vidya Subrahmaniam

hat movement is driven by unfavourable circumstances back home — either in terms of falling living standards or weak support services. The solution is to provide greater opportunities for Livelihood as well as minimum levels of social services at the place of origin. Simultaneously, in the urban areas of influx, the Report argues in favour of equitable policies of pricing of basic social services and extension of these services to the area

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Save Sabbar Tribe From Extinction by Sazid Ali

e initial setback, the government persevered in its effort to bring back the Sabars to the mainstream. As a result, today, 80 homes house 200 Sabar families live happily while pursuing normal ways of Livelihood. Earlier they would avoid outsiders but the new generation is comfortable with all. Bharat Seva Sangh has made a school for them here in Sabbar Nagar, as the village is known. Meals are also provided. The Sangh has facilitated farming and

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For a better life by TK Rajalakshmi

d migrants; easing internal migration; and adding migration as a component of the development strategies of the countries of origin. The question is why can the origin countries not address the Livelihood issues of low-skilled workers and provide them with long-term solutions that not only enhance their personal well-being but also boost overall growth? Indeed, the report seems to see the need for migrations from the point of view of developed c

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