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Locusts attack India: Global swarming explained -Prabhash K Dutta Desert locusts run after rains and greenery. They follow the wind patterns to cover a vast stretch from the Rab' al-Khali desert of Saudi Arabia to the fields of Rajasthan and beyond. Here's why experts are calling it global swarming To feed and to breed is life. Rest is civilisation. Desert locusts are feeding and breeding in agricultural fields, the basis of Human civilisation. At least five states in India are...

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The need for a million worksites now -Jean Drèze

-The Hindu Averting a Humanitarian disaster in India calls for an explosion of NREGA work in the next few weeks The abominable plight of migrant workers in recent weeks has invaded television screens and stirred the nation’s conscience. Alas, this is just the tip of the wave of hardships that is sweeping through the country. The situation looks increasingly alarming in the light of a series of surveys conducted by Azim Premji...

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During lockdown, MoEFCC panels cleared or discussed 30 projects in biodiverse forests -Nandini Velho

-The Hindu The projects, including mining and a highway, were brought up during virtual conferences; but site inspections are ‘a crucial component’ of project evaluation, say scientists Dibang Valley in Arunachal Pradesh has a decidedly other-worldly feel. “Yeh kaunsi duniya hai,” my colleague exclaimed as we climbed the towering mountains — home to the endemic goat-antelope Mishmi takin, the ‘bright-eyed’ butterfly Callerebia dibangensis, and the Mishmi wren-babbler. I had read about the...

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Barring a few, most states and UTs ignored the guidelines to help persons with disabilities during the lockdown

A recent survey conducted by National Centre for Promotion of Employment for Disabled People (NCPEDP) -- a Delhi-based non-profit organisation -- shows how persons with disabilities in the country were disproportionately affected by the COVID–19 crisis. The report by NCPEDP has observed that persons with disabilities, particularly those from economically deprived sections, went through severe hardship during the lockdown. Without sufficient access to food or money, many of them faced hunger...

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Concerned citizens ask state governments to transport stranded migrants to their homes

-Press release by Stranded Workers Action Network, dated 20th May 2020   We, the undersigned organizations call upon the State governments concerned to bring out all idle transport vehicles out from garages to the State and National highways to carry the workers to their home. We also request that more interstate trains be run, and in a coordinated fashion, to ensure that workers do not remain struck in overcrowded dormitories and camps....

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