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Suggested resources to understand the COVID-19 crisis better

These days a lot many articles, reports, documents, etc. are appearing in the public domain on Coronavirus infection and related issues. An attempt has been made in the present news alert to put together in one place some of the best articles, reports, blogs, webinars, podcasts, etc., which can be useful for our readers. We have divided the resources under various themes for the convenience of our readers and social media...

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‘Are we animals?’: Migrants bear brunt of South Asia’s lockdown -Joydeep Gupta, Zofeen T Ebrahim and Ramesh Bhushal Migrant workers in India, Pakistan and Nepal are crushed by Poverty as earnings come to an abrupt halt in the lockdown forced by the Covid-19 pandemic Across South Asia, the impact of the Covid-19 on livelihoods has been extreme. Despite being an outlier in terms of low infection rates, and even low casualties, most South Asian countries have been left reeling due to the impact that shutdowns have had on migrant...

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Recent reports predict gloomy days ahead for the overall economy

Most reports and studies by official agencies, international think tanks and private entities indicate the cataclysmic impact of coronavirus pandemic on economy and society. They anticipate that lockdowns imposed by various countries across the globe to reduce the exponential diffusion of COVID-19 (i.e. for flattening the curve by social distancing and quarantines) would adversely affect economic growth and disrupt supply chains in most sectors, on top of causing economic and...

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Conservation agriculture key to better income, environment protection: Study -TV Jayan

-The Hindu Business Line New Delhi: Resorting to conservation agriculture would not only increase crop yield, income and reduce the use of natural resources, but would also confer climate change benefits, according to a study by Indian agricultural scientists and others published in an international journal on Thursday. The study, published in the journal Nature Sustainability, also showed that conservation agriculture was key to meeting many of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals...

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Shocks caused by COVID-19: Addressing chronic Poverty, its inter-generational transfer -Aasha Kapur Mehta & Rupal Dalal

-Down to Earth Any health shock causes entry into Poverty for most of those who suffer from it We are living through a time of extreme adversity. The entire country is in lockdown in an attempt to survive the threat of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic. Economic activity is at a standstill. All plans and goals, whether related to sustainable development or otherwise, have gone for a toss. There is simply no chance...

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