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Many essential drugs priced much higher than manufacturing cost: WHO -Sushmi Dey

r long and commonly used for diseases like HIV, tuberculosis and malaria are priced very high with huge margins over their cost of production. This results in high expenditure pushing people into Poverty. In India over 75% of health expenditure is out-of-pocket, of which the major chunk is spent on medicines. This is despite India being a manufacturing hub and the biggest supplier of low cost generic medicines to the world. Please click here t

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Driving the poor man's ascension into a progressive state from a Poverty-stricken one -Sandeep Vempati

-Financial Express If ever there was a beautiful word in Indian polity, it shall be none other than ‘Poverty’. Existence of Poverty, the necessary evil, ensured the Congress and various regional parties win elections after elections through rhetoric, albeit repeatedly but in different forms, and finding a page on their election manifestos. Did any of the ideologically opposite previous disp

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Necessary steps to ending Poverty -Pulapre Balakrishnan

-The Hindu The provision of health, education and public services matters more than income support schemes It is by now close to 50 years since Indira Gandhi brought the idea of eradicating Poverty into the electoral arena in India. ‘Garibi Hatao’ had been her slogan. She actually took the country some distance in the promised direction. Though it had not come close to being eradicated in her time, it was under her leadership that

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Universal basic income not a panacea for Poverty -Piyush Kamal

-The Pioneer In the absence of any sunset clause or distinct feature to identify the beneficiaries who succeed in climbing themselves out of Poverty, the scheme of direct cash transfer as an income support welfare measure and as a potent tool of empowerment does not sound convincing even on paper Thanks to the proposal for the universal basic income, it has become a topic for discussion as one-fifth population of this country are living below

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The NYAY Scheme of the Congress -Prabhat Patnaik

rity towards the bottom quintile, not the institution of a universal economic right to decent living. I find targeted transfer schemes like NYAY repugnant compared to a regime of universal rights. Poverty and unemployment in society are caused by the social arrangement under which we live, not by any fault of the poor and the unemployed. It is society’s responsibility to eliminate them; social arrangements must be such that they cease to exis

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Why income transfers are not enough -Harsh Mander

There are obvious implementation difficulties with this formulation as well. These relate, most of all, to how the poorest households can be identified with any kind of objectivity and certainty. All Poverty lists of governments so far have been ridden with fatal flaws. Even Planning Commission studies have demonstrated that if you are poor, the chances are more that you will not be included in an official list of the poor, than included. The reason f

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Jobs or doles: which is the way forward? -Mahendra Dev & Pronab Sen

ext double down on employment creation or opt for direct transfers to the people who need it? Mahendra Dev: Let me start on the employment question. Productive employment is the best way to remove Poverty. But the organised sector constitutes only about 10% of the population; unorganised sector employees constitute almost 90%. In that context, unless you create jobs for everybody in the organised sector, the working poor will have problems. People

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Congress' election manifesto is the right document at the wrong time: Yogendra Yadav The priorities listed by Rahul Gandhi are arguably the issues India should focus on: Poverty, farm distress, unemployment, health and the sense of fear. The launch of the Congress’s manifesto Tuesday marked a missed opportunity in this historic Lok Sabha election. Not because this manifesto is a bad document. As far as manifestos of mainstream parties go, this one is more cogent and thought-through than the run-of-the-mill d

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Adding egg or milk can reduce stunting in young children: study -R Prasad

ality protein that contains adequate amounts of digestible essential amino acids does help in reducing the risk of stunting, it cannot completely prevent it. Several other factors including genetics, Poverty and sanitation play a role,” says Anura V. Kurpad from the institute’s Department of Physiology and senior author of a paper published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Please click here to read more.

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'Early brain function affected in poor kids'

-The Hindu Study says children from lower income background had weaker brain activity Children born into Poverty show key differences in early brain function, according to new research from the University of East Anglia (UEA). Researchers studied the brain function of children aged between four months and four years in rural India and found that children from lower income backgrounds, where mothers also had a low level of education, had wea

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