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Prakash Singh, former IPS officer, interviewed by The Times of India

by the security forces had led to largescale arrests and surrenders of naxals in the 90s. Basic causes responsible for the growth and spread of naxalism were not addressed – issues relating to Poverty, unemployment, corruption, tribals’ rights – and therefore the movement resurrected, significantly, with greater vehemence every time. It would therefore be premature to write the obituary of the movement until the socio-economic cause

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The reality of rural electrification in India -Nikita Kwatra

ve been made to address them. Lack of affordable power also remains a major challenge, the authors say. Many power regulators provide concessionary tariffs to consumers who are identified as Below Poverty Line (BPL). But poor consumers not identified as BPL are excluded from these benefits. For them, the authors call for additional subsidy support and rationalized tariffs. They also highlight the need to hold distribution companies accountable for

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Single women seek monthly pension -Jagriti Chandra

e incomes are below the taxation limit and who don’t receive a pension from any other sources, representatives of NFSWR said at a press conference on Tuesday. They say that being from the below-Poverty-line should not be a criterion to determine eligibility for pensionary benefits. The collective of women’s rights groups has nearly 1.3 lakh women as members from across the country. More than 125 members from 13 States are in Delhi for t

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No Rafale, No Mandir. Only Bad Jokes: What Elections Look Like in India's Poorest District -Suhas Munshi

ething to do with it. Another reason could be the fact that it is the poorest district in India. Two months ago, a report put together by United Nations development Programme (UNDP) and the Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative (OPHI), found Alirajpur to be the poorest district in the country, with 76.5 per cent of the district below Poverty line. Alirajpur fares last on every quantifiable s

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Jean Dreze, development economist, interviewed by G Sampath (The Hindu)

oblems that I think success is too ambitious a term. I would prefer the term ‘progress’. One can think of many areas that are important. Health and education are paramount, elimination of Poverty, halting the growth of the communalism and irrationality that we see now. These are areas where we can aim for progress. * What you are saying seems disconnected from what most people want India to be. They want India to at least be a regional

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Get the model right: on state-sponsored insurance -Americai V Narayanan & Kavya Narayanan

, showed that nearly 65% of health-care expenditure in India is “Out of Pocket” (OoP). A report by the World Health Organisation has shown that around 3.2% of Indians would fall below the Poverty line because of high OoP health expenditure. Thus, a national health insurance scheme like the Ayushman Bharat is welcome. While the principle of insuring a vulnerable population is widely accepted, what is contentious is the model that the gov

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Aadhaar related inadequacies causing hunger and food insecurity in Jharkhand, allege Right to Food Campaign activists

health services and employment, are staring at a bleak future. The deaths also highlight the inadequate coverage of the Antyodaya Anna Yojana (AAY). Most of these families, despite living in acute Poverty, did not have a AAY ration card. To address the issue of hunger in the state, the Right to Food Campaign has been repeatedly demanding (1) universalization of PDS in rural areas to reduce exclusion errors; (2) inclusion of pulses and edible oil in

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Soaring Joblessness Among Youth May Sink BJP in Polls - Subodh Varma

t 57 per cent of people surveyed said that it had become more difficult to find jobs in the area. This share of discontented people was more than that in earlier such surveys. Again, lack of jobs and Poverty were identified as the two biggest problems faced by people. In this situation, and with continuing jobs crisis, it is not surprising that people will blame the BJP government in the respective states – and also the Narendra Modi led cent

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The Indian state where development is more on a par with Pakistan than India -Ratnadeep Choudhary

tly as 2016, the World Bank said this of it: “Uttar Pradesh is home to the largest number of poor in India. Despite improvement in the recent decade, the state has experienced slower growth and Poverty reduction than the rest of the country. Consumption inequality, on the other hand, has increased slightly in urban areas.” While Pakistan and Uttar Pradesh have very similar total populations, the key difference is density — while U

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Poverty in all its faces -C Rangarajan & S Mahendra Dev

-The Indian Express Growth can alleviate Poverty but its definition needs to expand to make any tangible difference on the ground. Amidst the din caused by the story of rising billionaires, the message on India’s Poverty decline in the recent report of the Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative has been lost. UNDP and Oxford University rele

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