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Telangana is Proof Farm Loan Waivers Aren't a Long-Term Solution -Siraj HuSSAin The government has to evolve policies suitable to a particular state and fine-tune them according to local needs. ‘Nothing succeeds like success,’ first written by Sir Arthur Helps in Realmah in 1868, is going to guide political parties while they draft manifestos for the next parliamentary election. It seems that the Rythu Bandhu (RB) scheme – also known as the Telangana model of direct investment support (DIS) to farmers – has caught the imagination

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Young and wasted -TK Rajalakshmi

of formula milk food in the follow-up months of infancy, including the toddler stage, was also high and happened despite the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) position that such food was unneceSSAry and should not supplant breast milk. The report says that a faulty diet composition was one of the major reasons for the high prevalence of malnutrition and that 37.8 million children affected by stunting were in low-income countries where the da

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Govt denies kids cash for school -Basant Kumar Mohanty

year, R.C. Meena, joint secretary in the HRD ministry, wrote to Arvind Shrivastava, a joint secretary in the DEA: “You are requested to kindly look at the matter on priority basis and take neceSSAry action for immediate transfer of proceeds… and furnish reply to this department expeditiously.” Please click here to read more.

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How Can We Understand India's Agrarian Struggle Beyond 'Modi Sarkar Murdabad'? -Alf Gunvald Nilsen

than simply ousting the Modi government. He argues that today's crisis is grounded in the neo-liberal reforms that have shaped India's political economy since the early 1990s, and it is therefore neceSSAry to counter the crisis with a definite break with neo-liberalisation. When some 35,000 farmers gathered in protest in Delhi during the last two days of November, their ire against the ruling dispensation in India was more than evident (Parth/PARI

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Justice, forgiveness, and the call to forget -Rajeev Bhargava

as complementary to justice, not a substitute for it Post-Partition, India has witnessed innumerable acts of collective violence of which three clearly stand out as the most barbaric: the Nellie maSSAcre in ASSAm in 1983; the horrific slaughter of Sikhs in Delhi in 1984; and the diabolical pogrom in Gujarat in 2002. Need for retributive justice No society that calls itself civilised allows such mas

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The political economy of the persistent agrarian crisis -Himanshu

production are not just simplistic but are also naïve in a country where starvation deaths and malnutrition continue to make headlines. While there are a combination of factors, including unneceSSAry imports, market restrictions and oversupply in some commodities, it is also a result of severe demand deflation in the economy, particularly the rural economy. The inconvenient truth about the decline in agricultural product prices is also the la

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65-day, 10,000-km yatra to end sexual violence -Pranay Prakash

-The Hindu Dignity March will be flagged off at Somaiya Ground in Sion today Mumbai: On Thursday, about 5,000 survivors of sexual abuse and aSSAult will embark on a 65-day national walk that will span 10,000 km through 200 districts in 24 States and Union Territories. The Dignity March, which was announced by survivor-focused organisation Rashtriya Garima Abhiyan on Wednesday, will begin at Somaiya Ground in Sion on Thursday at 11.30 a.m. The

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MGNREGA's information system flawed, misguiding -Debmalya Nandy

er rules, this should not be done. Almost everywhere, one can find payments made in advance to the vendors. While the website shows that material payment is made in a particular scheme, it is not neceSSAry that the same has been supplied at the worksite. 4. There is a growing pile of evidence which shows that genuine job cards are being randomly deleted by the administration to meet the 100 per cent DBT(Direct Benefit Transfer) targets and hence th

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How The Modi Government is Killing Off MGNREGS -Subodh Varma

ortured death by the Narendra Modi-led National Democratic Alliance government through a relentless funds squeeze, delays in payments, technological glitches and lack of any avenue for grievance redreSSAl. Analysis of official data and ground reports from across the country shows that an increasing number of people are being refused work every year, the paucity of funds is causing spending to overshoot every year, payment of hundreds of crore rupees a

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Without Rise in Farm Income, Congress' Loan Waivers Won't End Rural Distress -Kabir Agarwal

ed to solve the low income problem. If governments are unable to ensure that rural incomes go up, rural indebtedness could soon be back at the same level where it stands now. Loan waivers will be neceSSAry once again, and the cycle will be repeated. Social scientist Yogendra Yadav, who is also one of the leaders of the farmers movement in the country, says that loan waivers in isolation are not enough. “Loan waivers are nece More »

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