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HDI Overview

rcing are a boon for the balance of payments but hardly for mass employment. • Improving accountability through transparency measures such as India’s Right to Information Act can expose Corruption and graft and boost efficiency. • Smallholder farmers in South Asia are particularly vulnerable to climate change—India alone has 93 million small farms. Global scenario • Norway (Rank: 1; HDI: 0.944), Australia (Rank:

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PDS/ Ration/ Food Security

the worst in over four decades, were below 100.   It is well known that a large portion of food grain meant for the PDS is pilfered and sold in the black market, and that this sort of Corruption is on the rise. However, what is equally true but not so well known is that in some of free India’s worst years of droughts and food scarcity the self sufficiency in food, adequate storage facilities and the PDS brought the country back f

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Hunger Overview

calculation. •    A deeper analysis of the relationship between protracted crisis and food security outcomes shows that changes in income, government effectiveness, control of Corruption and the number of years in crisis are significantly related to the proportion of the population who are undernourished. These factors, plus education, are also all significantly related to a country’s Global Hunger Index. • &

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Right to Work (MG-NREGA)

hailed as an important reason for the UPA’s return to power, and c) the recession-hit Western world is swearing by public expenditure on welfare. Of late, their criticism is mainly confined to Corruption and malpractices, which, in all fairness, are rampant though not insurmountable.  The NREGA differs from most poverty mitigation schemes so far in one fundamental way: It recognizes employment as a legal right. Its fringe benefits in

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  KEY TRENDS   • According to the CMS-India Corruption Study 2018, among states, 73 percent households in Telangana, 38 percent in Tamil Nadu, 36 percent in Karnataka, 35 percent in Bihar, 29 percent in Delhi, 23 percent in Madhya Pradesh; 22 percent in Punjab and 20 percent households in Rajasthan experienced demand for bribe or had to use contacts/middlemen, to access the public services @@    &bu

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lands and livelihoods. The plan is to ‘arrange’ alternative sites for the company without moving it out of the state. It is no secret that the hugely profitable mining industry thrives on Corruption and opaque land transfers and is indifferent to the tribals’ main demand -- long-term rehabilitation of the displaced. However, now when the Government is working on a Land Acquisition Bill, there is little effort on the ground to i

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