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Re-imagining food systems crucial for climate, economic resilience: Nutrition report -Chinmayi Shalya

-Down to Earth Novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic pushes government to act on reforms of food systems with urgency Food systems must be inclusive, local and diverse to address food security and malnutrition and build economic and climate resilience, according to the latest 2020 Global Nutrition Report. The report — released by the Stakeholder group — placed equity as the cornerstone of all efforts to overcome global malnutrition and insisted on policy...

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Provide income support, restore jobs -R Nagaraj and Radhicka Kapoor

-The Hindu On the contrary, scrapping labour laws will only reduce wages, lower earnings and reduce consumer demand Following the adage, “never waste a crisis”, the government of Uttar Pradesh, last week, introduced an ordinance that has scrapped most labour laws for three years — ostensibly for creating jobs and for attracting factories exiting China following the outbreak of the novel coronavirus. These laws deal with the occupational safety, Health and working...

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Coronavirus: Government stops sharing hospital-wise death figures -Nikhil M Babu

-The Hindu The Delhi government stopped releasing yet another information on the COVID-19 outbreak in the city. The government on Thursday stopped sharing hospital-wise figures of COVID-19-related deaths in the city, in a daily Health bulletin. The government spokesperson did not comment on the reason why the data is not provided. “The total number of deaths sent by hospitals is being audited and it will be updated again once it is complete,”...

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When a News Article Vanishes, We Have More Than Just a Pandemic to Worry About -Priyanka Pulla An article critical of the government's response to COVID-19 was published on The New Indian Express's website on May 8, and disappeared from its link within a day. Last week, The New Indian Express, one of India’s major English newspapers, pulled down an article that was heavily critical of the Centre’s response to the COVID-19 outbreak. The article, entitled ‘Centre’s COVID-19 Communication Plan: hold back data, gag agencies and scientists’, discussed...

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Contact Tracing, Location Data Markets and the Perils of Being Tracked -Anurag Mehra Why do some COVID apps prefer to shun location tracking altogether and some don't? The mobile phone seems to be an important weapon in the fight against COVID-19. Phone apps that track location – basically, latitude, longitude at a specific time – and send this information to Health authorities live are being deployed to ensure that phone owners remain within quarantine zones. A different use simply records the location trail over a...

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