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A women-owned dairy in Andhra Pradesh eyes the big league -AD Rangarajan

the profit and thus their dividend,” he added. Prior to the establishment of the cooperative, incomes were largely impacted by arbitrariness in calculation of fat and SNF percentage, besides Human errors in weighing. The payments, when released, never reached the women. Shreeja’s entry into the dairy landscape changed everything. “Payment is made once in fifteen days, which gets deposited straight into my bank account, makin

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Civil society protests eviction of Scheduled Tribes and OTFDs from forests

of the present Government and its corporate allies that FRA is challenged, diluted, scrapped. It's also in the interest of a handful of dubious conservation NGOs who believe in an archaic model of deHumanized fortress conservation, where forest people are seen as enemies of wildlife, but not big tourism and rampant, unbridled diversion of forests by state and corporates. The people, the true custodians of India's forests, on the other hand promis

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The importance of being Humane -Gopalkrishna Gandhi

or without physical assaults. Death by a thousand cuts was ancient China’s speciality. The Tang Code (652 CE) describes judicial torture in detail. Ancient Japanese methods of torture numb the Human imagination. Their modern avatar in Japan’s World War II of biological and chemical experimentation on Humans — prisoners, mainly Chinese — in Unit 731 stop the blood-flow to one’s

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What Adivasis of Odisha Could Teach Urban Indians in the Age of #Metoo -Parul Abrol

youth must be served, that freedom and happiness are more to be treasured than any material gain, that friendliness and sympathy, hospitality and unity are of the first importance, and above all that Human love – and its physical expression – is beautiful, clean and precious.” Non-Adivasis in the area, who follow modern lifestyles, regard these traditions with contempt. “In my fieldwork, I have had so many complaints by youn

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Surveying India's unemployment numbers -Mahesh Vyas

me obviating the need for any further “cleaning”, post field operations. Once the data is collected and validated in real-time, it is automatically deployed for estimations without any Human intervention. Please click here to read more.

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Governing India's many spaces -Pulapre Balakrishnan

omplete agreement on the indicators that ought to be used, I look at the changes since 2014 in three indices for India. These are the indices of the ‘Ease of Doing Business’ (EDB), ‘Human Development’ (HDI) and ‘Environmental Performance’ (EPI). They are self explanatory, and their importance unlikely to be contested, even though they may not exhaust all concerns. Published by separate international bodies, they are

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Healthy diet matters -Shenggen Fan

report on healthy diets from sustainable food systems provides strategies for countries and stakeholders to navigate food systems at critical crossroads. Food systems play a key role in nurturing Human health and supporting environmental sustainability, yet currently, they are threatening both. Thus, global efforts are urgently needed to collectively transform diets and food production. In this regard, the report draws from the latest evidence fro

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Government admits roster axe on tribal quota in teaching jobs -Basant Kumar Mohanty

d Tribes would virtually be left without reservation in college and university teachers’ jobs if each department is considered the unit for calculating the quotas, as mandated by the courts. Human resource development ministry officials who appeared before the panel on OBC welfare based their assertion on a 13-point roster system that the department of personnel and training unveiled last week. The roster reserves the first three posts for

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Actionable programme for 2019 polls amidst lynch mobs, caste violence, hate mongering

a civil rights network, has released a document prepared under the chairmanship of Justice AP Shah (retired) -- and backed, among others, by Supreme Court advocate Prashant Bhushan, bureaucrat-turned-Human rights activist Harsh Mander, economist Prabhat Patnaik, Right to transparency activist Anjali Bhardwaj and social scientist Yogendra Yadav  (click HERE for full list) -- with the "aim" of putting forth policy and legislative reforms

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Jean Dreze, the Belgian-Indian economist, interviewed by Ujjawal Krishnam (National Herald)

fying, healthy, creative, well remunerated and socially useful. By that yardstick, most people in India are unemployed, or perhaps misemployed, and employment guarantee is still a distant dream. * Human rights activists who have spent their lifetime for the upliftment of the downtrodden and the oppressed are today being described by the government as threats to the nation. How do you see this tag of “Urban Naxalites”? Accusing people

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