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Denied pensions for six years, nearly 200,000 senior citizens in Delhi are forced to work again -Akshita Nagpal

gsway Camp area. “I can’t remember how long I haven’t been paid a pension,” said Jamaal, who migrated to Delhi from Bihar’s Supaul district decades ago in search of a Livelihood. The money would have also allowed Ram Pyari, a widow who lives in a hut in North Delhi’s GTB Nagar area, to be independent of her two daughters, both domestic workers. On the record, Ram Pyari is 64, but she is clearly a lot older: th

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Making dam water reach the Farmer -Mihir Shah

ng dysfunctional following siltation. Climate change is making the predictability of river flows extremely uncertain. Diverting rivers will also create large dry regions, with adverse impact on local Livelihoods. The neo-tectonism of the Brahmaputra valley, and its surrounding highlands in the eastern Himalayas, means that modifying topography by excavation or creating water and sediment loads in river impoundments can be dangerous. Recent events in U

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Most AES Victims in Bihar Are Dalits, EBCs and Muslims -Mohd. Imran Khan

one; there are many like me in different Dalit hamlets,” said Chedi Manjhi, a resident of Dih Jiwar. “Chamki bukhar is a curse for poor people like us, who are working hard to earn our Livelihood. Our children are dying year after year, but there is no serious move to control it,” said Paswan, a resident of Ahiyapur in Muzaffarpur. Paswan’s 10-year-old son Vikram Kumar died after he was admitted for treatment in SKMCH.

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Drought casts spell on Maharshtra economy, growth stagnant at 7.5% -Sandeep Ashar

uo; said a senior official. Even as Maharashtra enjoys the status of being India’s most industrialised state, about 53 per cent of its population relies on agriculture and allied sectors for Livelihood. The one indicator that will worry the Devendra Fadnavis-led government the most as it spells out its final budget before the state polls on Tuesday is the negative growth in the crop sector. The erratic rainfall with long dry spells during

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Is 'Right to Work' More Important Than 'Minimum Income Guarantee'? -Dunu Roy

they in tandem with the needs of the workers? Two issues were concealed under the din of elections. The first is the depth of the agrarian crisis with rising costs, falling prices and diminishing Livelihoods. The second is the declining rate of employment in urban India, even within the informal sector, and the tumult among the youth who have no future. While most electioneering superficially touched upon the two problems and their remedies, th

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With growing debt and farmer suicides, agrarian crisis in India on the rise

52 per cent of cultivable land, farmers have seen their income eroding amidst rising input costs. There is, indeed, a tall order for the new government to radically reform agriculture, source of Livelihoods for half the population of the country. The new government could begin by biting the bullet, possibly by bringing agriculture under the Concurrent List of Constitution. Malwa region of Punjab has, incidentally, hundreds of farm widows. P

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The disruptive force of climate change on agriculture -Omair Ahmad

er comes from the three to four months of the monsoon (except for Afghanistan and China). As a result, we are critically dependent on rainfall for our crops, but also, what is more important, for the Livelihood of hundreds of millions of farmers. Climate change is disrupting all of this. The physics of it is simple. Hotter air holds more water. This means that it takes more water in the air for it to rain now than it did earlier. Also, when it rain

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Sunaina Rawat and the dilemma of Bharat -Richard Mahapatra

doctor, but her economic condition is not so encouraging. Her family has lost whatever little income they used to earn from farming as stray cattle destroyed it. And there is no alternative source of Livelihood. Can she be a doctor? Her answer revolves around the great divide between rural and urban India that she insists in that interview. “Urban people have money”. She repeats many times. In half-an-hour, she captured the agrarian crisis

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In Bengaluru, daily wage labourers are struggling to get even 10 days of work in a month -Chethan Ranganath GST and demonetisation continue to hurt the Livelihoods of workers in India’s IT hub. Kurubarahalli is a congested corner of India’s technology capital, packed with narrow roads, alleys, heavy traffic, shops and darshinis, as small self-service eateries are called here. The area starts humming with activity as early as 7.30 am. Among the first to arrive at the labour hub here are daily wagers seeking e

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The gender ladder to socio-economic transformation -Divita Shandilya

focus on women’s employment. The major national parties, the Bharatiya Janata Party and the Congress, have reached out to women, and their respective manifestos talk of measures to create more Livelihood opportunities in rural and urban areas, which include incentives to businesses for employing more women. What data show Currently, the participation of women in the workforce in India is one of the lowest globally. The female labour force

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