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NREGS under the scanner

The National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (2005) differs from the other Poverty alleviation measures in two significant respects. Where most welfare programmes cast the state in the role of benefactor offering handouts to the poor, the NREGS is built around notions of citizenship and entitlement. Secondly, the NREGS also facilitates disclosure by means of regular social audits. These audits, mandated to be done by the Gram Sabhas, are int

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Base BPL list on economic status and not politics, says Buddhadeb by Marcus Dam

“Imperative to prepare a dependable list for West Bengal”  KOLKATA: The inclusion of names in West Bengal’s Below Poverty Line (BPL) list should not be determined by political considerations but by economic benchmark, Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee said here on Wednesday. “The list must be prepared on the basis of one’s economic status and Poverty More »

India more prosperous than China, finds Legatum Prosperity Index

nked nations include those with a long history of productive economies, effective and limited government, and social capital. Yet several other nations rank high that not long ago were afflicted with Poverty, oppression, and unhappiness. 6. Good governance is central to life satisfaction and economic progress. Countries in which sound governance creates satisfied citizens are also the most likely to have the healthiest economic fundamentals and

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Lofty goals left unachieved by Jayati Ghosh

l organisations and donor agencies. It is probably not very useful any more to quarrel about their relative lack of ambition, their limited aims and absence of recognition of the structural causes of Poverty and inequality. All that is well known; even so, simply because of their wide acceptance, the MDGs have become the goal posts for judging at least some development experience around the world. So, even if these are very limited goals, it is w

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UN launches ‘toolbox’ to help nations ensure access to food as basic human right

rget users of Volume II are expected to be technical staff in public sector institutions and civil society organizations that are responsible for planning and monitoring food security, nutrition, and Poverty reduction policy development and programming, and of progress towards the achievement of food security, nutrition and Poverty related goals and targets. Volume II is meant to help make their work easier

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Diary of Digging Dirt

sy to succumb to the seduction of direct cash transfers: take a portable machine to the village, give the poor a card to swipe, and whoosh, in one swift move, the cash is transferred to the poor, and Poverty ends. No big program, no burdensome bureaucracy, no possible leak. Except, how do you identify who gets to swipe? Obviously, for that you need an 'official' Poverty survey, which can neither escape 'bur

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Secondary Education in India: Universalizing Opportunity

* Secondary education is critical in breaking the intergenerational cycle of Poverty. * The number of secondary school students is expected to increase from 40 to 60 million over the next decade. * India needs to prepare now for this expansion and improve the quality of secondary education provided. In today’s global knowledge economy, education plays a vital role in determining a country’s economic growth and its people’

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India's single women unite against gender inequities

at all," she says. During the forum the government gave assurances that it would take steps to correct such injustices. "Exclusion of single women from one of the most important Poverty alleviation programmes of the country — NREGA — will amount to undermining the stated objective of the government's Eleventh Five-Year National Plan [that envisions] inclusive growth," says Dr Syeda Hameed, a member of the Plannin

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Agriculture and Food Security Initiative Gains Momentum at G20, World Bank-IMF Meetings

s still not over…We must move quickly to turn this initiative into reality,” he added.   Food Demand Is Growing While Growth Rates for Yields Are Falling Global Poverty and hunger were steadily declining prior to the onset of the food crisis in 2007.  But longstanding underinvestment in agriculture, along with sharp increases in fuel and food prices, followed by the economic crisis, has driven an estimated 1

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Childhood vaccines at all time high, but poorest 20 percent still lack access: UN

vaccines,” they add. “Experience shows that economic crises can lead to government cuts in social sector spending, a decline in international development assistance, an increase in Poverty, and an upsurge in deaths among children under five years old. This must not be allowed to happen again.” The release of new evidence of success in overall global immunization coincides with the pandemic influenza (H1N1) immunization

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