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Social and political dividends from NREGA by Vidya Subrahmaniam

too evident in Bhilwara. NREGA beneficiaries were unanimous that the programme had improved their lives. For years the Bhil tribal community in Malanas in Gram Panchyat Jindras had battled hunger and Poverty, travelling out of the State in search of work. Today, most Bhil wives are employed under NREGA, bringing stability and assured incomes to families that were until recently desperately poor. NREGA also made valuable contributions in times of droug

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Postmodern principles should form the foundation of JNNURM by Sameer Sharma

pically offloaded and local urban authorities are often left to fend for themselves without the required support and resources. Moreover, despite noteworthy economic and technological progress, Poverty, hunger, health hazards and exclusion from the benefits of globalisation have remained; therefore, development efforts are required to be directed at population cohorts and areas that are left behind, requiring local action as close as possible to

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Use Doha Round to Correct Past Mistakes of the WTO Regime by Bharat Dogra

iting the autonomy of national governments in the process. For them there is an increasing tension between the imperative of complying with WTO rules, and the need to adopt policies which will reduce Poverty.” At the same time, “the system of trade governance is failing to respond to major new challenges posed by globalisation, including the threats arising from the enormous concentration of corporate power”. Many of the rules e

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Economic crisis exposes fragile global food system, new UN report says

nd succeeded in mobilizing billions of dollars in a short time period,” said Jacques Diouf, the agency’s Director-General. “The same strong action is needed now to combat hunger and Poverty.” The world has the economic and technical know-how to eradicate hunger, but the political will is missing, he stressed. “Investing in agriculture in developing countries is key as a healthy agricultural sector is essential

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Social audits lead to action against corrupt officials

length to the targeted population under NREGS. It was also investigated whether water conservation projects under NREGA were running well and NREGS work was being done on the land owned by the below Poverty line (BPL) population and the dalits and adivasis. Following are some salient features of the Bhilwara Social Audits: • This was the largest Social Audit of its kind after the enactment of the NREGA in 2005 with the active pa

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Expand and re-orient NREGA by PS Appu

nt to expand NREGA with greater emphasis on building social capital in a big way.  Soon after assuming office, the first UPA government took an impressive step for the alleviation of rural Poverty by launching the National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme. It was, indeed, a wise move to insulate the programme from the vicissitudes of electoral politics by enacting the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA). The implementation of t

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RTI a ‘tool of governance’ in the hands of common man

, Jagadnanda, State Information Commissioner, Orissa Information Commission, said: “RTI is helping the common man become empowered. Through the RTI there have been major inroads in dealing with Poverty -- there is no other comparable tool available. What we need now are youth RTI ambassadors to take the message forward. Also, at the government level, archaic information systems and their outdated mindsets need to change.” The convention br

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The winter of our austerity by P Sainath

ery hour that they were MLAs (for five years). A healthy rate of growth. Maybe we need a constitutional amendment requiring every Indian to serve as MLA for one term at least. It could be the biggest Poverty reduction programme ever undertaken. (I mean across all States. It might be slightly chaotic if every citizen was required to be a member of the Haryana Assembly.) These and other fascinating insights abound in the reports put out by the Nat

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Floods expose anomalies in the proposed Food security Act

The ongoing floods in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Maharasthra have pushed millions of rural folks below the Poverty line. The tragedy which is far from over has exposed the anomalies in the system of categorization of BPL families as proposed in the concept note of the Food Security Act. More than 200 people have died and over 2.5 million rendered homeless in AP and Karnataka alone. Almost all farmers in the affected areas have lost their standing

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Miss the wood for the trees by Sudhirendar Sharma

hunger”. All solutions give rise to more problems, but it’s scary to imagine what the world would have been without what Borlaug’s science started. For him, the complexities of Poverty and hunger could be reduced to a single problem: not enough food. From there, the answer was simple: grow as much as possible, using whatever technology available. However, riding on the phenomenal success of his efforts, Borlaug did ignore the cu

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