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HDI Overview

• The value of India's Gender Development Index (i.e. ratio of female to male HDI) in 2013 was 0.828 (Rank: 132). • Nearly 55.3 percent of India's population live in multidimensional Poverty i.e. 63.2 crore people are affected by multidimensional Poverty. Approximately, 27.8 percent of the population lives in severe Poverty. • Persistent

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PDS/ Ration/ Food Security

h of selected households in the sample, a study was done to compare between families who opt for cash and those who prefer the ration system. Antyodaya cardholders get Rs 1,100 per month, while below Poverty line cardholders get Rs 950 per month as cash transfers in the pilot study done by Delhi Government. While the results of this pilot study are awaited, the Rozi Roti Adhikar Abhiyan, Delhi conducted a survey in different parts of Delhi so as t

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n has stunted growth and development due to chronic nutrition deprivation. • Poor infant and young child feeding practices, compounded by the poor status of women, the prevalence of household Poverty and lack of government service delivery centre seem to be three major drivers of stunting among urban children. • Less than one in four children (22.5 percent) were fed a diet that meets the minimum requirements for healthy growth and deve

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Hunger Overview

olicies targeted specifically at eradicating hunger or at augmenting incomes at the lowest levels. India has passed the National Food Security Act (NFSA), which aims to fight hunger and extreme Poverty. It seeks to make the families below the Poverty line (BPL) entitled to 25 kg of wheat or rice at Rs 3 per kg. The law is clearly, and laudably, aimed at addressing hunger through policy intervention. I

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Right to Work (MG-NREGA)

percent of households were not provided employment under MGNREGA despite making demand $$   • Analysis of household survey data from Bihar shows that under ideal conditions, the rural Poverty rate of 50% at the time of the survey could come down by at least 14 percentage points. However, compared to a potential reduction in Poverty by 14 percentage points, actual impact on rural More »

There is a cure by Pragya Singh

of a ‘Generic Drugs Initiative’—prices here are 40-50, sometimes 90 per cent lower. Chittorgarh is among the 50 worst performing districts on the human development index, with Poverty widespread and access to social services dismal at best. It’s in this milieu that the cooperative stores have come forward to sell generic versions of hundreds (564 to be precise) of drugs. The stores have opened near hospitals and, no surpr

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Utsa Patnaik, Professor of Economics, speaks to the Hindu

urban poor. At a time when the need for a universal public distribution system is increasingly felt, the government’s categorisation of a very small percentage of the people as being below the Poverty line and eligible for rations has invited a lot of criticism. Utsa Patnaik is among those who do not agree with the Poverty estimates of the government. She feels that the current price spiral must have

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d 4.3% for water supply. On an average in a year, a rural household paid around Rs 164 as bribe to avail of these four public services* • Rs. 8,830 million, in all, was paid as bribe by below Poverty line (BPL) households in 2006-07** • The poorest households of India paid Rs. 2,148 million to police as bribe in 2006-07**   @@ CMS-India Corruption Study 2018: 2015 to 2018-How well are states placed? , please click here

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g more and consuming more. That is why it is often argued that rural-urban migration can lead to prosperity only when a ‘pull factor’ of better paid work replaces the push-factor of rural Poverty.     Between 1991 and 2001, as many as 73 million rural people have migrated (displaced from their place of birth) to elsewhere. But the majority of these people (53 million) moved to other villages and less than a third

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wcmsp5/groups/public/@dgreports/@dcomm/@publ/documents/publication/wcms_150440.pdf are as follows:   India specific points • The report notes that the largest reductions in Poverty continue to be recorded in eastern Asia, with Poverty rates in China expected to fall to around 5 per cent in 2015. Poverty rates in India are expected to de

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