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Promises and Priorities - An Analysis of Union Budget (2019-20) -CBGA

l Democratic Alliance (NDA), and a host of important socio-economic development issues that need to be addressed through fiscal interventions. We have focused on social sectors (such as education, Health, drinking water and sanitation, nutrition and food security etc.), agriculture, employment and the responsiveness of the Budget towards the vulnerable sections of the population (such as women, children, dalits, adivasis, religious minorities and p

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Despite being one of its birthplaces, India has forgotten many varieties of rice -Pooja Pillai

ndian Express The story of rice in India is complex, influenced as much by geography as by taste, faith, politics and contemporary nutrition science. But, after years of getting panned for being unHealthy, it is finally making its way back to the centre of the table. Is Basmati rice, with its pristinely white grain, the only variety that lends itself to making a biryani? It seems a rather silly question to ask in a country where almost all biry

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Homelessness highlights the inequality behind GDP growth numbers -Debarati Bhattacharya

ited Nations defined a homeless person as not only someone who lived on the street or in a shelter but also someone whose shelter or housing failed to meet the basic criteria considered essential for Health and social development. These criteria included security of tenure, protection against inclement weather, personal security as well as access to sanitary facilities, potable water, education, work and Health More »

Statewise Report Cards on Ecological Sustainability of Agriculture in India -Divya Veluguri, Ramanjaneyulu GV & Lindsay Jaacks

cularly in the context of increasing farmer distress and vulnerability to risks associated with climate change. Using a framework of indicators in the domains of pest management, fertiliser use, soil Health, water conservation, biodiversity, and efficient use of inputs, statewise report cards on ecological sustainability of agriculture are provided. There is much variation in the sustainability of production practices across the country, with some sta

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Healthcare's primary problem -Soham D Bhaduri

ity-based care rather than relying only on hospital services The deaths of 154 children in Bihar due to acute encephalitis syndrome (AES) has laid bare the precarious capacity of the State’s Healthcare apparatus to handle outbreaks. AES has been linked to two factors: litchi consumption by starving children and a long, ongoing heat wave. As promises of bolstering the Health infrastructure are being

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How selling cereals is actually exporting water -KV Kurmanath

nant cereals such as paddy and wheat are, in fact, technically ‘exporting’ their scarce groundwater to other States,” Francesca Harris, a researcher with Epidemiology and Population Health of London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, told BusinessLine. She said Punjab and Haryana are among the top States that overexploited groundwater to produce cereals. Francesca Harris was here to address the Annual Agriculture, Nutriti

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Is there a case for free rides for women? -Sandip Chakrabarti & Akshaya Vijayalakshmi

ailway services. Fare discounts intend to make public transport truly public as some people are at a relative disadvantage in urban transportation markets due to their unique social, economic, and Health circumstances. Article 13 in the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights recognises freedom of movement as a basic human right. If we consider transportation as a fundamental social need and providing mobility for the transporta

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Leprosy diagnosis alert -GS Mudur

of deformities: Study Several thousand leprosy patients in India are diagnosed with preventable deformities each year because they fail to recognise symptoms or receive delayed treatment, Health researchers have cautioned, 13 years after India declared the disease had been “eliminated”. A study covering Bengal and four other states has found that leprosy patients who delayed seeking medical advice by at least three m

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Start with preventive care -Prathap C Reddy

e and skills. What makes the process more challenging is the dynamic nature of the world we live in today. Knowledge and the nature of knowledge are evolving, driven by technological developments. Healthcare challenges have also constantly evolved. Doctors have reduced many feared ailments to stories of the past. But ailments have also remodelled and resurfaced and are posing different tests to doctors today. Challenges are not new to doctors; i

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Medical investigators say Muzaffarpur deaths probably due to malnutrition and delayed care

no ration cards. None of the deceased children had been issued a growth monitoring card. “Affected children started having symptoms from night till early morning, family members took them to Health facility on their own with a deadly delay and little help from local Health officials... There is a severe shortage of water and there is no functional sewage system in whole of Muzaffarpur. Sanitation i

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